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Poland remains something of a secret on the worldwide production map.  Despite the recognition of the film school in Lodz or the celebrated success of Polish directors like Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Kieslowski, and our most recently departed Andrzej Wajda, the wide variety of Poland locations – old and new - are less known than many in neighboring East-European countries.  They offer a fresh look at a very fair price.

The Polish Film Commission recently invited foreign location scouts for an up-close look.  The Location Guide was on hand to report back on how Poland “amazed” the group.  Here’s a look at what they found.

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Small is an asset for Uruguay – a commercial filmmaker’s choice destination that doubles for many major markets with the added advantage of opposite seasons. The PSN Uruguay team knows its niche and shares some local knowledge for film and photo producers to consider.

Q: Why do you think foreign producers choose to shoot in Uruguay?

A:  Historically they’ve come for plenty of daylight hours, appealing and diverse locations, nice summer weather (during Northern Hemisphere’s cold months), and also as a cost-effective solution.  We’re not alone in delivering that; but there's more.

While our warmer months remain the busiest time of year, we’ve more recently noticed an uptick in the number of projects we’re shooting in our winter months.  The fact is that Uruguay is a consistently reliable option amidst the ups and downs of more volatile countries producers sometimes consider. There is a level of certainty that producers we work with have come to expect.  And we don’t disappoint.

The compact layout of Uruguay – able to deliver a wide variety of looks with small company moves – is an added value that boosts the creative while containing costs.

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There are nuances to shooting in the US that foreign producers need to know.  From his bi-coastal service company in LA and NY, PSN USA partner Eric Brown shares useful insights on tapping into the top-drawer resources while toeing the line with regulations.

What are the top reasons producers shoot film and photo projects in the USA?

A:  The USA has unparalleled access to top-level crews, specialty equipment, spectacular locations, and ethnically diverse talent pools in LA and NY. 

Q:  Does everyone on set speak English in the US?

A:  The US is a country of immigrants.  If requested, we’re able to provide heads of departments that speak an array of languages from Spanish to Japanese to German to Swahili… Okay, maybe that last one is a bit more difficult, but we accept all challenges!

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Click here to read all about it in LBB.

Local shoot support is critical to most every professional film and photo shoot overseas. Three years ago I decided our industry needed a transparent resource that connected producers directly with vetted production service - boots on the ground where they are needed. No middlemen, no time lost, and no added cost.

Six months later we launched an association of 12 production service companies in Europe. We are now a community of companies working locally in 40 countries worldwide. Producers unsure where to shoot are also sharing their brief with us. We tap them into a world of local knowledge where we can suggest the best location to accomplish a project for the available budget.

Leading brands, agencies, and production houses are calling on us to help develop the most competitive brief and deliver local solutions once a project is awarded. The Little Black Book (LBB) recently caught up with me for the backstory. I hope you enjoy the insights.

See you on set soon!

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Cash is king so there’s no arguing that legislative approval of a 25% cash rebate on shoots in Ukraine – including commercials! – will once again make the country a favorite alternative in Eastern Europe.  We caught up with Dmitry Sukhanov, head of the PSN Ukraine team, for his insights on why to shoot in Ukraine.

Q:  Is it safe again to shoot in Ukraine?

A:  Yes!  The only no-go place is Crimea where troubles are locked down and contained.

Our capital city Kiev is some 800 kilometers from that region.  Other filming hotspots out of harm’s way are the charming architecture of Lviv, the Carpathian Mountains, and Odesa, where the Black Sea coastline and its beaches await.  

Q:  Can you tell us a few top reasons to shoot projects in Ukraine?

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The season to head south is upon us.  Rémi Noriel and his team at PSN Chile reveal what makes their country a leading choice for film and photo shoots.

Q: Can you tell us a few top reasons projects shoot in Chile?

Fortunately, there are many.  To name a few, Chile has an extraordinary variety of extreme landscapes across the country, as well as classic and modern architecture in its main city, Santiago. It is also home of one of the two Russian Arms in South America, making it one of the top-notch destinations for car commercials

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Vietnam brings fresh allure to creatives planning film and photo shoots in Southeast Asia.  Our PSN Vietnam Partner offers local insights for producers of international projects.

Q: Can you tell us a few top reasons projects shoot in Vietnam?

We have an incredible and versatile range of locations that is still vastly untapped in films today. Our crews’ experience has solidified, production houses are up to international standards, and our costs are very competitive. 

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A boost to 40% rebate on qualifying production expenditures is what Mauritius recently put into play.  Through the end of July 2016, there was a 30% rebate on commercial, feature film and documentary projects.  Producers can now enjoy a 40% rebate so long as they work through a locally registered service company like ours at PSN South Africa.

This increased incentive makes it all the more appealing to go to Mauritius for clear, blue warm water, and white sandy beaches, where there’s good filming weather during most of the year. 

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One of Poland’s most experienced advertising producers, and a long-time production partner of Procter & Gamble, is Gosia Zatorska Trojanowska.  She shares the reins at PSN Poland with Julia Bidakowska, who comments on some key considerations to shooting in Poland.

Q:  Why do you think foreign producers choose to shoot a project in Poland?

A:  Interesting and very diverse locations are close together.  Our crews and equipment are top-notch.  And our costs are low.

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Battlefields, street art, and karaoke are but an eclectic preview of the scenes recently shot on location with PSN Partner support worldwide.

An Adforum Ad of the Week from this summer is among this selection of latest work.  

Sophie’s Journey is the title of a film for the Esso brand produced by Somesuch London.  The touching tale forms part of the adam&eveDDB campaign Journeys That Matter for ExxonMobil.

PSN Greece serviced the shoot in a number of locations within an hour’s drive of Athens.

Street artist INSA had more ambitious travel plans for the Netflix film promoting season 2 of Daredevil.  UK production house Unit9 called on PSN France to secure the ideal location and service the shoot in Paris, while our PSN China team did the same in Taipei.

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