Small is an asset for Uruguay – a commercial filmmaker’s choice destination that doubles for many major markets with the added advantage of opposite seasons. The PSN Uruguay team knows its niche and shares some local knowledge for film and photo producers to consider.

Q: Why do you think foreign producers choose to shoot in Uruguay?

A:  Historically they’ve come for plenty of daylight hours, appealing and diverse locations, nice summer weather (during Northern Hemisphere’s cold months), and also as a cost-effective solution.  We’re not alone in delivering that; but there's more.

While our warmer months remain the busiest time of year, we’ve more recently noticed an uptick in the number of projects we’re shooting in our winter months.  The fact is that Uruguay is a consistently reliable option amidst the ups and downs of more volatile countries producers sometimes consider. There is a level of certainty that producers we work with have come to expect.  And we don’t disappoint.

The compact layout of Uruguay – able to deliver a wide variety of looks with small company moves – is an added value that boosts the creative while containing costs.

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