At the meeting of East and West in Turkey there is an exotic familiarity that inspires creatives. With experience bridging from Paris to Istanbul, PSN Turkey Partner Chad Ozturk offers an insightful perspective on shooting in his homeland.

Q:  Why do you think foreign producers choose to shoot a project in Turkey?

A:  Our vast homeland showcases unique as well as diverse locations.  Turkey’s position as a bridge between East and West is reflected in locations ranging from Middle-Eastern to European ambiences.  There are very nice beaches in the west and south to contrast dense green forests in the mountainous north east which look like the Alps.   Greek & Roman ruins dot the country, vestiges of an imperial past reflected in the diverse range of local casting options.  All this for a very cost-effective price with efficient, top-notch crews. 

Q:  What stand-out places do you think could serve as interesting storytelling ingredients? 

A:  Istanbul is a singularly outstanding city. Being the only city in the world sitting on two continents makes it very special.  There’s a vibrant energy, a certain magic that unfolds in the streets that draw millions of visitors each year.   The thermal pools of Pamukkale, rich with minerals that have spilled over to form “cotton castles” on the mountainside, bear a descriptive name in Turkish.  The underground cities, churches, and tunnels of Capadoccia are otherworldly.  Vestiges of the legendary Silk Route stand in colorful testament to this land’s heritage at the crossroads of cultures.  Snow skiing and Mediterranean bathing are only an hour’s drive distance in the south.

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