Norway inspires.  From the end-of-the-earth feeling looking out over its numerous fjords to the spellbinding allure of the Northern Lights.  Eirik Vaage leads the PSN Norway team servicing film and photo shoots seeking unspoilt nature.  We caught up with him after a busy summer season as the nights get longer and the Northern Lights beckon creatives.

Q: Can you tell us a few top reasons why projects shoot in Norway?

A: Norway is novel.  As most of our shoot locations are new to filmmakers, we’re making an impression that is really putting us on the map.  One great example is Ex Machina, by Alex Garland, shot on location in Valldal, Norway. 

A standout is our unique fjord landscape that offers a potent mix of mountains, fjords, the sea, and beaches in very close proximity. At the Lofoten Islands, for example, you can reach all the potential locations within a 90-minute drive.  There you’ll find nothing less than stunning nature, remote and exclusive villages, spectacular islands, coastline, mountains, fjords, waterfalls. The Hollywood production Downsizing has just finished its location shoot in the Lofoten Islands, taking full advantage of the wide range of locations in close proximity to their basecamp in Svolvær.  

Q:  What is the best season to shoot in Norway and why? 

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