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Ivan started his career as a TV producer working on a current affairs show for a leading local TV production company. He began at the bottom and wound up as one of the lead producers of the show.

Soon after, he and a partner from the show launched their own production company in Hungary.  That venture, initially specialized in documentary production, became the foundation for an expansion into Austria, where he now forms the most cost-effective production plan, with resources from both countries, to service commercial film, TV, corporate, and still photo shoots.  


The Austrian Alps are a singularly enormous mountain range with towering peaks thousands of meters high offering breathtaking panoramic views. The exceptional locations here have inspired many filmmakers to capture the luxury, sport, adventure and intrigue.

The Alps have always drawn spy stories.  The Living Daylights, featuring Timothy Dalton as Bond, was shot in Begrenzt in the Alps in 1987.  Quantum of Solace was filmed in Feldkirch in 2008, starring Daniel Craig. Maybe this has something to do with the quirky fact that Ian Fleming actually learned to ski in Tyrol while he was studying in a school run by a former British spy.

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How do you shoot a fairytale?  PSN Austria Partner Iván and his team have the answer in a country where outstanding infrastructure joins the stunning peaks to valleys dotted with settings that ooze Old World charm. 

Q: Can you tell us a few top reasons projects shoot in Austria?

A:  Austria can offer extraordinary natural locations. The Alps feature vast mountainous territories with many pristine lakes, as well as characteristic winding roads. Many of these peaks and their ski resorts stay snowy all year round. The country’s flawless infrastructure is exceptional; 100% of its roads are paved, which means that even the most extreme locations are easily accessible. Also there are all sorts of special vehicles and ski lifts for transport cross-country between the cliffs. On the other hand, Austria is home to legendary urban scenery; for example, in Vienna or Salzburg. These cities are famous for their atmosphere, palaces, café houses, as well as historic places like Mozart’s birthplace.


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Nikon’s “I am” campaign touched down in Europe to shoot this print campaign for the new D610 full frame camera.  Click here for credits and more.

The main message is that the full frame camera is “seeing the full story”. The visual concept is set in a train station, where a girl says goodbye to her boyfriend, and, at the same time, another couple is greeting each other.  One story beginning anew as another comes to an end. Nikon looked around the globe for a suitable train station glowing with old world feel but managed by efficient authorities enabling the work to be done on short notice.

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Read later! First click here for a look at the diversity of Budapest with its charm and marvelous architecture.  And a good example of how easy it can be to get the needed access to first class locations in Budapest.

The main concept was that kids’ drawings are flying all over the world. So Budapest actually represented many corners of the world while also showing that the kids’ imaginations are endless.

To meet the brief we had to scout and secure the most spectacular locations of the city. The 120-year old Heroes Square, which earlier inspired the Michael Jackson video clip called History. The Parliament building on the bank of the river Danube which stands as one of the biggest parliament buildings in Europe with its Neo-Gothic style.  We also took stage at the National Opera House.

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