We understand the stress that filming overseas can bring to our clients. Our aim is to make them feel we’re their ‘London Office’, working the production exactly as they would do at home. Wherever you come from and wherever you’re filming, the challenges are the same - you have to get results on brief, on time, and on budget.

Our first job for Japan dates back to 1997.  Legendary Japanese producer Takao Saiki called on us to work with his company Size, then with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo. Although Saiki had worked in Europe many times, he sought a European production service company to develop a long-term relationship.  Saiki took me under his wing and taught me how to work with Japanese clients.

In the past 17 years we have worked with Japanese clients many, many times - each job totally different and yet each job demanding the same level of professionalism, understanding, and support.  And we bring that expertise to the Production Service Network (PSN).

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