The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its centennial in 2018.  The PSN Baltics Partner will mark this milestone with its production of a full-length epic drama entitled “Truth and Justice”.

Oscar-nominated Estonian director Tanel Toom has based his script adaptation on the Estonian literary classic of the same name written by A.H Tammsaare.  The film will premiere across the homeland February 2019 at the end of Estonia’s 100th anniversary.

The story spanning 3 decades begins in 1870 and is set in a small Estonian village.

Production and art departments faced quite a few challenges to portray the story over this extended period.  

From the start, we knew our main location would be a purpose-built, historic farmhouse with its barns, grasslands, and fields. A year was spent searching for the right location before 8 months of construction ensured.  Old farmhouse timber from across the country was sourced to make the houses look like they’d been standing there against the elements for decades before.

One of Estonia’s museums contains the set of a neighbouring yard that will be added to the main set digitally.  To mark the homes in the landscape we built blue-screen houses that will later be dressed in post. Together with building the houses we also needed to create the fields and grasslands that surround the houses and organize a casting to find suitable farm animals. 

We organized workshops for our actors to learn 19th-century farm work and to get them familiar with their animal companions.  This was only the beginning of the efforts made to achieve an air of authenticity. 


Since the story covers different seasons in which the location changes over the years, actual production is spread over a two-year period. The film will be shot in 70 days with a 50-person crew and with well over 90 credited characters. The total budget of the film is 2,5 M Euros. 

As the lead actors of the film will remain the same throughout, it is our talented make-up artist team that is tasked with aging them on screen in a natural and believable way.  The extreme care is evidenced by the fact that a team of 4 make-up artists dedicates 4 hours to convert our 33-year-old lead character Andres into a 65-year-old. 


This emblematic project has drawn together the talents of European Film award and Oscar nominated DOP Rein Kotov, European Film Award nominated Production Designer Jaagup Roomet, and Producers Madis Tüür and Oscar and Golden Globe nominated Ivo Felt.