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APT Tours River Cruise | Unforgettable

This 8-day shoot called for our production support and location management in three different countries, often working on-board and on shore simultaneously. Scouting covered 2500 kilometers in 5 days. The preproduction and shoot schedule were prepared in parallel with the cruise ship schedule through Central Europe at some 20 different stops, sights, and events.
'How does a small production company in Melbourne find a great partner company in Central Europe? And when it is not really a conventional production - just a small, happy, hard working crew? We don't know people there, we don't know how they work, and we don't speak their language. Where do you start? Easy, really. You just call PSN. Total solution. Recommended great, great people. Best job,' says Mr. Smith Producer Helene Nicol.
The story features two couples on a luxury cruise line making picture-postcard stops along the Rivers Danube and Rhine in Hungary, Austria, and Germany. The 135-meter ship is the biggest picture vehicle our local team had worked with to date. Land-based coordination with the ship’s captain via radio enabled a memorable passage of the vessel under Budapest’s Chain Bridge at the magic hour. It was a touching moment to see this World Heritage site in the background while the ship cruised down the historic waterway.
Our thanks to Helene Nicol and the Mr. Smith crew for trusting in PSN to deliver.
'Michael and his partners have pulled together the best network of charming, hard working, reliable folks who you just know are going to contribute so much to deliver a great job,' continues Helene. 'Our experience was so outstanding that we repeated a month later with PSN in Canada. And we will do again.'

Client: APT Tours - Title: Unforgettable - Director: Craig MacLean - DoP: Craig MacLean - Agency: OBM Advertising - Production Company: Mr. Smith - Producer: Helene Nicol - Production Service: Progressive Productions - Location: Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and Dürnstein Austria, Rothenburg and Vilshofen Germany

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