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James Patterson | World’s Greatest Storyteller

Our 350 extras filled the Slavia Prague Stadium’s 19 thousand seats and then some thanks to some local CGI magic.

'You can’t go wrong with Petr Keller and his team. They’ve done 10 spots for us and I can say with every confidence that they are the best I’ve ever worked with. Also, the value they deliver is incredible. 'The World’s Greatest Storyteller' was shot in two nights with 350 extras. They then computer generated another 80 thousand people and added two more tiers to the stadium. A spot like that would have cost well over a million in the States. We paid nowhere near that much. Beyond that, I suffered no anxiety about taking on such a large production, because I knew I was in the hands of some of the best professionals in the world. Last but not least, you need not worry about how your clients will be treated. Petr and company will treat them with great respect.'
Frank Nicolo | Creative Director
James Patterson

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Client: James Patterson - Campaign: World’s Greatest Storyteller - Director: Michael Brierley - Market: USA & UK - Production Company: Starlite Pictures - Producer: Petr Keller - Created by: Frank Nicolo - Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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