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Bom Film Productions | A Man and a Woman

Title: Film- A Man and a Woman (2016) - Director: Yoon- Ki Lee - Production Company: Bom Film Productions (South Korea) - Producer: Dong-ha Lee - Production Service: Allfilm - Location: Helsinki, Finland; and Tallinn, Estonia

This 2015 production showcases our capacity to service film productions in Finland as well as the Baltic states. Costs were contained by maximizing what could be accomplished in Estonia and even using crew from the Baltics to work in Finland. If shot today, this production would qualify for additional savings through the Estonia cash rebate enacted in 2016. In total, there were 13 shoot days at 16 locations in Estonia as compared with 3 in Finland, where filming took place during 3 days.
South Korean crew numbering 40 as well as 5 talent – no visas required – worked alongside 15 local crew, 4 supporting talent, and 20 extras to tell the story.