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Porsche | Gone Driving with Sorelle Amore

Watch Gone Driving with Kyoko and Gone Driving with Alvaro Soler.

'We have had great experiences shooting with them and can definitely recommend it!,' writes Jack Gregory Donald, Managing Partner and Executive Producer, Peoplegrapher. 'Producing commercials in Portugal brings many advantages, from logistics to language as well as the people and the weather.
'Casting is very easy there and of high quality. The crews are professional and pleasant to work with, the fact that everyone speaks English so well is a definitive plus.
'Furthermore, since Portugal is in Europe, it is easy to travel to and it's situated ideal for bringing in cars, for example.
We produced two car commercials and one fashion TVC commercial. All covering film and photo production. We were always in good hands and highly recommend their team in Portugal.'

Client: Porsche - Campaign: Gone Driving with Sorelle Amore - Director: Peter Bender - DoP: Severin Strauss - 2nd Unit: Tim Pfeffer - Market: Worldwide - Production Company: Peoplegrapher - Producer: Jack Gregory Donald - Production Service: AG Films - Service Producer: Melanie West - Location: Algarve, Portugal



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