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Sony | h.ear on - Be Moved

'We relied on PSN from development to final cut of a European-wide Sony product launch. The outcome was superb,' said GunsRock producer Motoo Hahn.

'A local, up-and-coming director was critical to the brief. PSN called on its Partners to present us with an impressive array of options across the continent.
There were many changes until just 2 days before the shoot, but PSN and the Spain director we chose patiently accommodated all of our requests.
I was impressed with their flexibility and really appreciate their hard effort. And more than anything we truly had fun during the shoot.'

Client: Sony UK & Japan - Title: h.ear on - Be Moved - Agency: Dentsu Japan - Creative Director: George Sugitomo - Production Company: GunsRock - Producer: Shinya Kishiro & Motoo Hahn - Director: David Vergés - DoP: Román Martínez - Production Service: Camino Media - Location: Barcelona, Spain

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