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Essity, Libresse | Womb Stories

'The actors were incredibly talented - it was really easy and a pleasure to direct such talented actors with access to their emotional lives. It’s all a director can ask for,' says Nisha Ganatra. 'I also kept the set to a minimum so that the actors felt the intimacy of the crew and Natasha (our DP) and I with them. The space was always kept respectful of the work we were asking them to do - and I also closed the set so they would feel comfortable being as open as they were able to be.'

Client: Essity, Libresse - Campaign: Womb Stories - Director: Nisha Ganatra - DoP: Natasha Braier - Market: Worldwide - Agency: AMVBBDO - Chief Creative Officer: Alex Grieve - Executive Creative Director: Nadja Lossott & Nicholas Hulley - Creative Director: Toby Allen & Jim Hilson - Agency Producer: Edwina Dennison - Production Company: Chelsea Pictures - Executive Producer: Lisa Mehling - Producer: Shanah Blevins - Production Service: PSN Spain - Location: Barcelona, Spain