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Fujitsu | Ice Geishas

Ice geishas and a huge air conditioner in another innovative production with director Matthias Zentner. When we take on a spot that Zentner directs, we know we are in for a demanding but rewarding production. His unique visual style requires a crew that is able to understand the depth of his vision and is committed to converting his ideas into reality. This spot needed a sound stage, a talented art director to design and oversee the construction of the two sets. and, most importantly, a Japanese choreographer, a dance group, and a very experienced wardrobe designer.
At first glance there is no obvious reason that points to Thailand as a shooting location, yet Thailand is one of the very few places that has great studio spaces, great art directors, and construction teams that can build beautiful but affordable sets that fit current production budgets. It has a plethora of talent which few people outside the country actually know about. So it did not come as a surprise to us that one of Japan's most celebrated choreographers of traditional dance, Master Miwa, had opened a dance studio in Bangkok and was teaching his Thai and Japanese students exactly the dance we were looking for. Even better, Master Miwa and Matthias Zentner shared the same passion for total perfection.

Client: Fujitsu - Title: Ice geishas - Director: Matthias Zentner - DoP: Stefan Von Borbely - Agency: DDB Italy - Production Company: Filmmaster, Italy - Producer: Fred Turchetti - Production Service: Living Films Advertising Co., Ltd. - Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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