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Mitsubishi | Pajero Sport

This project has the ingredients to beautifully describe all car potentials and, at the same time, evoke a strong metaphor with one of the most universally well-known symbols of Japanese culture. Luca Maroni, the director, presented two scenarios and emotions in this film. The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport car moving through all kinds of landscapes and the deep meaning of the Samurai in Japanese culture.
In terms of locations, we shot the entire four days in the south of Thailand, in Krabi province (an hour flight from Bangkok). Six locations covered spectacular and difficult off-road grounds, going from close ups of mud, water splashes, and sand to powerfully flying in the air. A fast Oktocopter, Ultra Arm with stabilized head, and Phantom were among the toys we took with us.
Working together with a talented stunt driver who 'flew' the car 5 meters high for thirty meters made this film very adventurous and fun.

Client: Mitsubishi Motors, Russia - Campaign: Samurai - Director: Luca Maroni - DoP: Manfredo Archinto - Agency: m.Production, Moscow - Producer: Maxim, Belitskiy - Production Service: Living Films Advertising Co., Ltd. - Location: Krabi province, Thailand

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