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Mercedes | "Play By Your Rules", Forever Young, trailer

And the Top Spot of the Week (as showcased by .Shoot Online) goes to...
"Play By Your Rules" for Mercedes-Benz! .

This short film was a multiple-day mega shoot throughout beautiful South Florida. Directed by Francois Rousselet, the film tells the story of a too-busy-to-enjoy-life man meeting his younger 16-year-old self.

Click to see Mercedes, Forever Young, short film

Client: Mercedes Benz - Campaign: Play By Your Rules - Director: François Rousselet - DoP: Benoit Debie - Market: Worldwide - Agency: Antoni Holding GmbH - Production Company: ANORAK Film - Executive Producer: Christiane Dressler - Producer: Yan Schoenefeld - Production Service: Shoot Collective - Line Producer: Patti Getker - Production Designer: Rene Navarrette - Location: Miami, Florida