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Pepsi | Chipsy Helmy

Vodafone | 12 Piasters

Orange | Summer Song

La Farge Egypt | Al Momtaz Cement, Elephant

Etisalat | Film Activation, INTRO

United Bros Studios, Walid Sabry | Al Kenz

Egyptian Tourism Authority | This is Egypt

Etisalat | Launch, Wasalet

Pepsi | Strings of Lights, Ramadan

Doritos | Late Night

Vodafone | Power to Family

Chevrolet | Mona & Helmy

Egypt Foods | Rusky

Egypt Foods | Cono Puff

CIB | CIB Corporate

Orange | Dragon

Vodafone | Power to You, Adel Emam

Mobil | Delvac

Pepsi | Let's Have a Reunion, Yalla Nekamel Lametna

Egypt Foods | Tiger Ahly

Orange | Ramadan 2018

Mountain View | Happy Life

Alex Bank | Handicrafts

Mountain View | Ramadan

Al Massa, Hisham Abdel Khalek | Al Jazeera, Part 2

Cairo is the long-standing regional hub of the film industry reaching across the Middle East & Africa.

This has equipped Egypt with very good technical & artistic crews with the know- how & the expertise to deliver high-quality films at very competitive prices.

Current Time and Date in Cairo: Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 1:24 pm

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We can dress our locations to double for the familiar, and we can build big sets where our studios & labor are the most competitively priced in the region, if not the world.

Egypt stands out as go-to country in the region for most all film equipment you may need. There is rarely a need to ship in equipment from overseas.

The local currency exchange rate makes filming of foreign projects in Egypt even more attractive.

It should come as no surprise we have worked with top international production companies, including Partizan, Great Guns, Amarillo Films, and Sony Music Australia. We’ve made directors like Rob Sanders (UK), Alejandro Toledo (Spain), Eric Barbier & Edouard Salier (France), Ali Ali and Omar Hilal (Egypt), Fabrizio Notari and Mauro Salesi (Italy), and more feel right at home with our professionalism and renowned hospitality..

We look forward to seeing you with us on a singularly magnificent location set soon.



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