Production Liaisons.

Here to assist producers in their language and in their timezone to shoot overseas

Contact Carolyn for North American productions shooting abroad

+1 646 465 2631Email

I work with producers in the USA and Canada to help develop their projects to shoot abroad with PSN Partners.

My time zone is East Coast but availability is most any waking hour thanks to a team effort with my associate Amanda Rosenberg.

So bring it on from LA to Vancouver and Miami to Montreal. Send an email or schedule a live chat.

We’re here to connect you with a world of possibilities.

Contact Kate for
UK-European productions shooting abroad

+34 697 438 978Email

I’m here to get producers from the UK and Europe off to a solid start with the boots-on-the-ground shoot support PSN delivers in major film hubs worldwide.

My past experience as a producer at production houses and agencies in the UK and Spain ensures a little shop talk can provide insights valuable to most any project shooting abroad.

Drop me an email or schedule a live chat so we can delve into the details.

We’re here to help you win the bid and execute a successful production.










PSN 是⼀个独⼀⽆⼆的国际平台可协助全球的制⽚⼯作者,
PSN 可提供全球各国⽆缝式的拍摄执⾏
PSN 针对需要多国拍摄的脚本,可为客户提供客制化的精准场景资讯与制作服务
PSN 能提供经济⾼效的制作⽅案,针对不同预算规模的制作,弹性化的提供场景选项

并能与中国客户 在相同时区间直接沟通,协助中国客户以最精简的⼯作时间,获得全球制作资源。


해외 촬영을 원하시는 한국 프로덕션팀은 Kimi(키미)에게 연락바랍니다


Production Service Network는 해외 촬영을 생각하는 프로듀서들에게 전세계적으로 최상의 촬영서포트팀을 연결시켜주어서 필요한 정보와 가이드라인을 보내드릴 수 있습니다.

스크립트에 맞는 로케이션과 견적요건을 충족시킬 촬영지를 찾고 있다면 PSN이 도와드릴 수 있습니다.

전세계50개국이 넘는 PSN 파트너들이 컨피덴셜한 프로덕션 브리프를 함께 받아 현지 프로덕션들이 가장 적절한 촬영지들을 제안해줄 수 있고 또한 코디네이터나 추가 비용없이 로컬 프로덕션과 연결될 수 있습니다!

Kindly note we do not accept unsolicited scripts seeking co-production.

Direct local service offerings and CV’s to individual PSN Partners.

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