About Us

Production Service Network

is the one-stop shop for full local shoot support worldwide.

Our boots on the ground Partners are vetted production service companies in more than 40 countries topping the list of favorite shoot destinations on this vast and varied planet.

We pool our resources here at PSN to offer comprehensive assistance to producers shooting overseas.

  • Local knowledge to build a better bid.
  • Local access to incentives for qualifying projects.
  • Local experience providing most everything imaginable for film and still photography shoots with the world’s most demanding clients.

We put this local expertise at producers’ fingertips for no added cost. A successful shoot earns us the friendship and trust of producers who call on PSN Partners time and again. That’s how we roll.


Years of collective experience shooting overseas and cross-referencing with our industry producer friends helped us carefully vet and choose one top-drawer Partner in each country.

We uphold parameters of professional standards accepted industry-wide.

One click or call can now connect producers shooting overseas with local shoot support to achieve their director's vision.

Our full production services also facilitate international projects produced on a local scale. IBM USA in Australia, Chivas global in China and Sony Japan/UK in Spain are projects where clients called for local film directors and we delivered.

We are the traveling producer’s local partner.

We tailor our professional services to their needs for the production of commercial films, still photography and entertainment programming.

PSN is the common denominator for production companies, agencies, brands and studios shooting overseas. It’s a no-brainer to call on us.