As a film destination, it’s one of the most amazing places you’ll find. And why is that? Because it has everything

From top to bottom, Chile is an extraordinary place. Though small, it is at the same time huge in so many aspects.
Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, this Latin American country is a long and narrow strip of land offering a coastline of 6,435 km (3,999 mi) and featuring one of the largest arrays of landscapes and climates on the planet. From deserts to glaciers, from ocean to mountains, with lakes and forests, from old-looking streets to modern malls and centers, with small villages and big cities, Chile offers the best of each landscape to be found across the world – all in a single country.

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Opposite in seasons to the northern hemisphere, this is the right place to find sun in January or snow in July. With almost no rain from December to April and its diversity of landscapes within just a few hours, Santiago is a great production center.

Partly built up by immigrants from Europe, it is a diverse country in its architecture, ethnicity, and cultural heritage offering great locations to double as many different places.

This most stable and secure economy of South America, it is also among the safest on the continent. With a low inflation rate and a peso increasingly more competitive in comparison to the US dollar, Chile has become a must consideration for most any type of production.

The quality of the casting and crew has constantly improved over the years. We now provide for high-level productions using top-notch English-speaking technicians.

Non-unionized crew and talent are a major point to consider too.

The establishment of new rental companies and continued development of existing ones offer a wide range of equipment, including 2 Russian arms with local crews, motion control, and helicopters with stabilized head.

Chile is also the only South American country to accept the ATA carnet, which makes bringing equipment in the country a smooth and easy process.

We are delighted to offer Chile as a solution for your production needs. Let us know your demands, and we’ll show you incredible places, the best crew, the required gear, the expected talent, and the excellent attitude for your perfect shoot. Our production services in Chile are enhanced by a fully-staffed office in Argentina. This permits us to compare options in both countries and provide the best location for each individual client brief. We also support shoots further afield in neighboring countries like Bolivia.

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PSN Chile delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Red Horse Films, Bunker Films, Farm League, Super Prime, Identity, Concrete & Clay, Phantasm, Quad, Sibling Rivalry, Community Films...
  • Studios/Streamers like JPF Studios...
  • Directors like Britton Cailloutte, Ben Quinn, Collin Tilley, Kat Coiro, Karen Fischer, Joe Wright, Mikon Van Gastel, Jared Hess...
  • DOPs like Steve Annis, Adam McDaid, Max Goldman, Sylvestre Dedisse, Damian Acevedo, Paul Meyers...

Chile is also home to

  • DOPs like Francisco Urzua, Miguel Bunster, Pancho Obrador...

Ana Luz Córdoba

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Her work in most every role in the production chain – from scouting locations to buying props – has given Ana Luz a deep knowledge of how productions run, big or small.

[cont.] Participating in all kinds of formats: advertising, long and short narratives, reality shows, and documentaries have sharpened her tools to manage different situations and challenges, and making the best out of any given resources.

Ana Luz spent several years working across South and Central America from her home in Argentina before settling permanently in Chile in 2017. It was an organic move that dovetailed with her dedication to head the PSN Chile team, tending to the needs of each new client and making friends along the way.

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