Filming in Georgia is an exhilarating experience that offers filmmakers a tapestry of rich culture, stunning landscapes, and hospitable locals.

Nestled at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Tbilisi serves as a captivating backdrop for a diverse range of cinematic endeavors, from historical epics to contemporary dramas.

The natural beauty of Georgia is diverse. There are alpine mountains, ravines, rivers, lakes, the Black Sea, and much more to surprise visitors with a freshly unique character. On top of this, the country is quite small making it easy to travel around.

Due to nature’s blessing + great infrastructure that make logistics easier throughout the country, Georgia is ideal place to shoot commercials, movies, music videos, and more.

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Georgia features a great mix of architectural styles, ranging from medieval to Soviet-era and contemporary developments. Here you can turn your camera on centuries-old ruins, super modern skyscrapers, aged castles from unknown periods, breathtakingly isolated villages where time seems to have stopped, dystopic Soviet-style buildings, and modern structures awarded international design awards.

Georgia’s treasures are more accessible these days thanks to significant investment to improve infrastructure such as transportation, energy systems, telecommunications, and other vital sectors. This includes the construction and renovation of roads, bridges, and tunnels, as well as the modernization of ports and airports. Widespread urban development has spread across Georgia’s most populous cities of Tbilisi and Batumi.

There’s also been renovation of historic buildings, the construction of modern residential and commercial complexes, and the enhancement of public spaces and parks. These efforts have revitalized neighborhoods and spurred economic growth, creating a perfect climate for modern creative productions and notable opportunities for filmmaking. Three international airports, cargo and passenger ports, and well-connected roads and rail service the country.

Access to all these film locations is easy in Georgia due to government support of the film industry.

In parallel, there’s been robust growth of production companies, rental houses, and skilled professionals working in the film industry. From experienced crew members to state-of-the-art equipment, filmmakers find all the resources necessary to bring their vision to life.

Additionally, Georgia’s attractive tax incentives and streamlined permit processes make filming in the capital city of Tbilisi both financially and logistically advantageous. Permits to shoot in public spaces, streets, tunnels, and blocking scenes can usually be secured within 24-48 hours.

What makes Georgia attractive for filmmakers

  • Visa-Free Entry: Citizens from many countries do not require a visa to enter Georgia, streamlining travel logistics for international crews.
  • Accessible Ports: With several ports available, cargo and car shipments are facilitated, easing the transportation of equipment and materials.
  • Simplified Equipment Travel: Georgia does not require an ATA Carnet for bringing equipment into the country, reducing bureaucratic hurdles for filmmakers.
  • Favorable Conditions: Georgia boasts low corruption and crime rates, along with competitive crew rates, creating a conducive environment for filming.
  • Generous Cash Rebate: Filmmakers can benefit from high rates of cash rebate, providing financial incentives to shoot in Georgia.
  • Linguistic Accessibility: A significant portion of Georgia's young population speaks English, facilitating communication and collaboration on set.
  • Hospitality and Amenities: Georgian hospitality is legendary. Filmmakers will find themselves welcomed with open arms by friendly locals eager to share their culture and traditions. This extends to its amazing and unique hotels, restaurants, and vineyards, offering comfort and enjoyment for visiting filmmakers and crews.

Filming in Georgia is a truly enriching experience that combines cultural immersion, breathtaking scenery, and professional support. Whether weaving tales of romance, adventure, or intrigue, filmmakers will discover that Tbilisi offers the perfect canvas for bringing their cinematic visions to life in a way that is both captivating and unforgettable.

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PSN Georgia delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like QUAD, Unit9, Antidote, Black dog, Birth, Pulse films, Markenfilm
  • Studios/streamers like Netflix, Vice Studios, NatGeo, Discovery
  • Directors like Roy Raz, Ronald Koetzier, Eli Sverdlov, Marc Schölermann, Gregory Ohrel, Andzej Gavriss, Alan Masferrer
  • DOPs like Octavio Arias, Michael Dabal, Romain Lacourbas, Garrett Hardy Davis, Ruben Woodin Dechamps, Jann Doeppert, Roman Linetsky, Todd Martin, Marс Gomez del Moral, Jacob Moller, Ruben Woodin-Deschamp, David Foulkes

Georgia is also home to

  • Directors like David Borchkhadze, Giorgi Kvlividze, Dima Chrheidze, Nika Motsonelidze
  • DOPs like Sandro Darakhvelidze, Georgi Shvelidze

Sasha Cherniavsky

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The Berlinale premiere of the Sean Penn project about Ukraine titled Superpower is Sasha’s latest and most significant work. In his collaboration with filmmakers from Europe, Asia, and the USA, Sasha is passionately engaged in the production of commercials, music videos, feature films, and documentaries. Before Superpower, Sasha also produced the feature films Eleusis and Max Anger – With One Eye Open…

[cont.] and documentary films Oh, Sister! and Ukraine from Above: Secrets from the Frontline.

Sasha’s journey into the world of production began immediately after graduating from university, where he immersed himself in various projects within production companies and television. He established his own company with a Partner in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005 and swiftly propelled it into the top tier of the Ukrainian market. From 2009 he pivoted towards international expansion while maintaining strong ties with local clients.


Christina Prylip

The dedication to productivity and creativity that has driven Christina to excel in producing commercials, music videos, and documentaries travels well. In her adopted home country of Georgia, Christina taps into the expertise she honed while working in her homeland of Ukraine on projects for production clients from USA, UK, France, Germany, Israel, and more.
Christina holds a university degree in Advertising Business. Work in the business of art and photography led her to her true passion of video production.

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