Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our planet’s future. In filmmaking, sustainable production is a path toward reconciliation and future-proofing our industry.


But for all the green measures we adopt for filming on location, there’s no denying the significant impact of the travel to get there. This must be addressed in an industry reliant on filming abroad in the most suitable locations. That’s why we’re committed to do our part to reduce and offset our carbon emissions.


Because we are a people business, we’re using carbon offset contributions to positively impact nature and people.

Carbon offsetting allows us to balance out our climate impact and compensate for the emissions that our travels produce. We rely on third-party verification through Sustainable Travel International (STI) to vet our carbon offset contributions. Click for latest certificate.  This ensures we only fund high-quality projects that truly reduce CO2 emissions, deliver meaningful impacts, and contribute to holistic sustainability.

Jari Para, Brazil. Photo courtesy of STI

Yaeda, Tanzania. Photo courtesy of STI


Thanks to STI our carbon offset backs forestry and energy projects in countries where we film with our clients, from Brazil to USA and Kenya to Peru.

These projects provide meaningful benefits beyond emissions reductions that we can all support, such as creating jobs for local communities, protecting indigenous land rights, preventing the loss of tropical rainforests, and bringing clean drinking water, improved healthcare, and education to rural communities.

These measures speak to the core values of PSN founders Cris Mateo-Yanguas and Michael Moffett – avid travelers ever-mindful of our planet’s delicate balance.


At PSN headquarters, we pledged with STI to offset the carbon footprint of all our travel from January 2021. Because we know that air travel accounts for the majority of emissions generated during international trips, we offset the footprint of all our flights to/from the destination. We also offset the carbon emitted by our office operations.

But this is just one piece of our overall sustainability strategy.  PSN Partners provided input from all corners of the globe to complement Green The Bid‘s 2023 publication of The Complete Green Service Company Production Manual. PSN announced the launch of the Manual at The World Producers’ Summit at Cannes Lions that same year and later joined the Ciclope Town Hall with an international panel of GTB members to transmit the spirit behind the publication to the commercial film industry.  PSN has also sponsored industry discussions like the KFTV Sustainability Talk to make known the challenges facing film hubs of lesser developed countries.

© Anthony Ochieng, Blue Forest, Kenya. Photo courtesy of STI

© Heider Torres, Jari Para, Brazil. Photo courtesy of STI

As STI Climate Rangers we use our global presence to raise awareness and set an example for our producer clients to follow when working with our Partners in film hubs worldwide. How else can we legitimately encourage producers, creatives, and stakeholders to take advantage of remote production convenience and only fly the essential people to set? How much easier can we make it for those who travel to calculate the carbon footprint of their flight and offset it? Click here to find out.


PSN’s pledge to Green the Bid and adopt measures of the PGA Green Production Guide equips our production service company Partners with the tools needed to educate their local crew and suppliers. This is a key step toward achieving sustainable production planetwide.

We invite studios and streamers, brands and agencies, producers, and creatives to work with us to preserve our precious planet for a future generation of storytellers.

Maisa, Brazil. Photo courtesy of STI