PSN is the traveling producers’ local partner for everything below the line. Our one-stop-shop of top-tier production service companies provides main and second unit film support in more than 100 countries.

PSN can streamline development for producers looking to film overseas. We evaluate projects with producers to help determine the most suitable places to film. We don’t finance projects, but we do identify where local incentives can fill a critical gap. We can then connect producers to vetted, local service producers in the most promising places for production.

This dialogue paves the way for sure footing as producers move into actual filming in a foreign country. It also inspires confidence in professional management of all paperwork and accounting to satisfy foreign studios and producers as well as local authorities which grant film incentives after successful completion of an audit.

Each PSN Partner is a full-fledged production service company with local expertise at all aspects of live action film production in its country. PSN Partners keep at the top of their game servicing commercial film productions for global brands. That same skillset primes them to deliver all local needs as the main unit support or 2nd unit for film and TV productions executed with a wide range of budgets. No matter the project’s scope, PSN Partners remain focused on their craft – to ensure a smooth and successful shoot on location.

PSN is a business member of PGGB (Production Guild of Great Britain), working frequently with its members as well as those in other leading industry entities like PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television in UK) and the International Committee at PGA (Producers Guild of America).

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Michael Moffett

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Production work on commercial, entertainment, and factual shoots for clients from around the world during more than two decades is at the core of Michael’s experience. Highlights include feature film and sport celebrity shoots, primetime TV programming for all major US & UK channels, and events …

[cont.] as diverse as motocross and a papal visit.

This Los Angeles native with a traveler’s soul started his own production service company overseas to share with fellow production professionals the wonders of shooting film, photo, and video projects across Spain and Portugal – the sunniest corner of Europe. Michael is as quick with a smile as he is committed to no-nonsense production workflow delivering cost-effective, quality results you can see in frame. He founded the Production Service Network in 2014 to accomplish that worldwide. He manages PSN from his base in Madrid, Barcelona, or most anywhere he has an Internet connection.

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