Our enthusiasm for Colombia’s future is increasing everyday

Identified among the emerging countries of the 21st century, Colombia has risen as the go-to location for an increasing number of filmmakers. The country is safe and stable; its violent past is now distant from everyday lives and business.

We’ve serviced top-tier production teams at all levels as we we hone our craft – new talent, new reps, new office to host international teams, new associations, and a renewed energy to boost our service capacity. We can surely deliver the best shoot for your budget in Colombia; the local gear is high-end, some administrative procedures are easier than in other countries, plus local teams go beyond because they love working with foreign directors. We’ll happily be your host here while sharing our local insights into this booming South American country.

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Colombia’s privileged location on the Equator assures 12-hour workdays in daylight all year round. Weather distinctions are based on altitude so any climate can be found in Colombia at all times from snowy mountains to deserts at sea level.

This amazingly beautiful treasure is like a miniature portrait of South America, as well as being the most cost-effective option in the area.

Colombia sits on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, allowing for distinct coastal settings, lush countryside, deserts, and jungles populated by colonial towns and modern city structures. All regions exemplify the incredible racial and cultural variety that characterizes this country with so much virgin territory for filmmakers!

High international investment rates in local development and low-cost transport options are improving the country’s infrastructure, making it even more competitive. The relative weakness of the Colombian Peso, combined with Colombia’s status as a relatively undiscovered service location, makes it one of the most advantageous options in the world–the most cost-efficient option in Latin America.

To further convince foreign producers, the Colombian State offers cash rebates to feature film productions and TV movies spending $475,000 USD in the country. Producer Juan Pablo Serrano brings ample experience to our long form unit for the execution of qualifying projects.

Demand is on the rise. To meet it in Bogotá and Medellin there are local English-speaking crews and art & construction departments that are well-versed at working to high-end industry standards.

Colombia has a wide range of looks providing a rich palette for casting, enhanced of late with a new wave of immigrants. Moreover the country’s strong performing, acting, and modeling tradition define the lively local character.

Colombians are undoubtedly very friendly; they enjoy life’s sense-invigorating pleasures like socializing, dancing, and eating… so our clients can rest assured that, after work, Colombia is also definitely very fun!

PSN Colombia delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Sharpenter Entertainment, Cine Brazil, Rocket Films, Glaxosmithkline, Laiguana, 5 to 60, Joan Studios...
  • Directors like Cris Vida, Jaume De Laiguana, Klauss Obermeyer, Martin Kohler, Mauricio Candela, Alberto Oviedo...
  • DOPs like Rafa lluck, Kneji Katori, Misca lluch, Alejandro Guliani, Camilo Monsalve, Demian Rodenstein, German Vilche, Marcelo Camoino, Julián Ledesma...

Colombia is also home to

  • Directors like Ciro Guerra, Rodrigo García, Simón Brand, César Augusto Acevedo, Carlos Osuna, Victor Gaviria, Luis Ospina, Sergio Cabrera, Jorge Ali Triana, Iván Gaona, Rubén Mendoza...
  • DOPs like Paulo Perez, Mateo Guzmán, Mauricio Vidal, Eduardo Ramirez, Juana Jimenez, Juan Carlos Franco, David Gallego...

Juan Pablo Bernal

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Juan Pablo brings the trained mind of an industrial engineer to his production management of hundreds of commercial film campaigns for producers from Mexico, Argentina and Spain as well as the domestic market.

[cont.] He learned the trade working as line producer at the renowned Imaginaria Films from 2000 to 2010. Juan Pablo joined forces with director Felipe Cortes that year to start their own venture that has since expanded to service projects from the US and produce long format work.

Cra 21 # 86-77
Barrio El Polo, Bogotá, Colombia
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