Cairo is the long-standing regional hub of the film industry reaching across the Middle East & Africa

This has equipped Egypt with very good technical & artistic crews with the know- how & the expertise to deliver high-quality films at very competitive prices.

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We can dress our locations to double for the familiar, and we can build big sets where our studios & labor are the most competitively priced in the region, if not the world.

Egypt stands out as go-to country in the region for most all film equipment you may need. There is rarely a need to ship in equipment from overseas.

The local currency exchange rate makes filming of foreign projects in Egypt even more attractive.

Our own experience filming across Europe, particularly in the UK with Egyptian footballer Mo Salah, makes us keenly aware of living up to the expectations of our industry colleagues. We’ve made creatives and executives at the forefront of our industry feel right at home and confident in our professional execution of the most ambitious projects.

We look forward to seeing you with us on a singularly magnificent location set soon.

PSN Egypt delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Partizan, Great Guns, Amarillo Films, AND Productions UK, Pundersons Gardens UK, Redbee...
  • Studios/Streamers like Netflix, Sony...
  • Directors like Rob Sanders, Alejandro Toledo, Eric Barbier, Edouard Salier, Ali Ali, Grady Hall, Omar Hilal, Kane Kwik, Fabrizio Notari, Mauro Salesi, Sebastian Hedin...
  • DOPs like Tony Miller, Stephan Falluci, Leo Carbotta, Quim Miguel, Jordi Planell, Yves Sehnaoui, Jerome Robert, Nick Morris...

Egypt is also home to

  • DOPs like Ahmed Al Morsy, Victor Credit, Ahmed Beshary, Ayman Abul Makarem, Ahmed Tahoun...

Amin El Masri

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Producing one of Egypt’s first Netflix Original productions is the latest in Amin El Masri’s multi-faceted production career spanning 25 years.

[cont.] Having started his career on the agency side back in the early 1990s, Amin quickly moved to production in 1994 and partnered with his current production house at a very young age. Since then, Amin has become one of Egypt’s most recognized producers with a diverse repertoire including all forms of productions; from advertising to sitcoms to scripted tv series to full length feature films.

Villa 7, Abdallah El Kateb St.
Fini Square, Dokki
Cairo, Egypt
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