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Norway is a land of the Nordic flavor. Over the ages it has become known for a unique farm culture, harsh climate, and tight resources. A more savage and never forgotten part of the Norwegian culture is the Viking Age, the time when the seafarers called Vikings raided and traded across wide swaths Europe.

Although that was many ages ago, Norway’s heritage is highly influenced by its history and geography. The country’s long coastline, wood architecture, and unspoiled wilderness are home to old traditions. You can still find pastures and farms in the mountain valleys where people live by these traditions.

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But Norway is not all about the old days. The Nordic beauty is what makes this country really special for shooting.

We are spoiled with breathtaking landscapes from the polar circle to the south coast. Mountains, fjords, and coastline form the core of the scenery. With steep mountain walls floating in the clear blue water surface and agricultural down-to-earth architecture placed in magnificent “never seen before”-surroundings, it’s not hard to understand that Norway provides great locations. In select regions you can reach fjords, mountains, forests, sandy beaches, and glaciers in the same day.

Going a bit more urban, you’ll find the “barcode” in the capital, the Art Nouveau style in the west coast city, Ålesund; or the wooden architecture, Bryggen (wharf), in Bergen.

Situated on top of the Northern hemisphere, we have some great advantages: The ever-changing weather delivers fantastic light, fresh air, and, not least, an incredible 24 hours of sunlight during the summer. That’s not all. The world’s most northerly town, Svalbard, with its polar bears, is a part of Norway. And you can easily film there.

No matter the challenge of the environment, our team provides for solid production service with an English-speaking crew, friendly surroundings, and helpful, open-minded natives.

A new era in Norway is just getting underway to give you more bang for your bucks. The government is implementing a national filming incentive that will be in place during 2016. Film productions and series will be eligible for the film incentive.

We share our world with the world! And love a good challenge! Bring it to us, and we will ensure the best production value for your budget!

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PSN Norway delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like World War Seven, Camp David, We Are Cousins...
  • Studios/Streamers like Marvel, NRK, Studio Hamburg, NRK, Channel 4, ZDF...

Norway is also home to

  • Directors like Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg, Erik Poppe, Hallvard Bræin, Roar Uthaug, Vibeke Idsøe, Marius Holst...
  • DOPs like Johan Andreas Andersen, John Christian Rosenlund, Pål Ulvik Rokseth, Askild Edvardsen, Geir Hartly Andreassen...

Eirik Vaage

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Eirik Vaage is the founder and Executive Producer of the PSN Partner in Norway. He co-founded his first company 12 years ago and has since built up a solid portfolio as a location scout, manager, line producer, and producer.

[cont.] He’s also a creative soul who has directed several documentaries for the main broadcast company in Norway. The spectacular nature on the west coast of Norway still fascinates him. In 2014, Eirik wrote a book about the Alps of Norway – casting some light on this under-explored and spectacular region. Beside working with his partners under the PSN Norway banner, Eirik is CEO of winter’s largest extreme sport festival in Norway. If you need a stunt scene, Eirik is the person to organize it.

What makes his day? “To build a good project, deliver a solid production, and make everybody smile,” says Eirik. “The film industry on the west coast of Norway is like an extended family, and we make sure our friends will enjoy their stay with us!”

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