For filmmakers seeking a location that possesses both natural beauty and a bustling urban cityscape, the Czech Republic offers many ideal settings at the heart of Europe. And we are your production-friendly team to make the most of it

The Czech film industry is building upon its solid reputation with steady growth, keeping up with all the developments in the field and contributing innovations and creativity to the world of cinematography. Film crews in the Czech Republic have top-tier skills and resources expected of leading film hubs around the world – at a fraction of the cost.

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Here in the heartland of Bohemia, a number of large-scale film productions have also taken advantage of our abundance of historical landmarks. We have the highest density of castles and chateaux in all of Europe. Many are open to filming and within easy reach of Prague, thanks to the country’s size and well-developed infrastructure.

The surrounding Czech countryside is a tableau of beautiful lakes, rolling hills, deep forests, and snow-capped mountains. Amidst its beauty producers also find authentically unique film sets like an old Russian Army base complete with trenches, props, and military vehicles like tanks and planes.

Prague is a film-friendly city allowing all kinds of shooting permits. Need to close a popular bridge for stunt scenes? Let us show you how.

The Czech Republic has sufficient studio space, equipment, and crew to handle multiple productions of various sizes at the same time. Stages of all sizes and world-class post facilities are ready to plug and play for producers. We work closely with the postproduction house UPP to accomplish feats like the transformation of a 19-thousand-seat stadium with 350 extras to a packed stadium four times that size.

Over the years we’ve had the honor of working with renowned directors like Guillermo del Toro or Tim Pope to deliver full film support locally for their projects. Producers of feature films, TV series, and documentary can now tap into our experience while accessing a local 20% tax rebate.

We look forward to working with foreign producers to develop and execute their projects in our Central European homeland where there is an optimal balance of quality and costs for productions of all genres.

Email us and come shoot with us.

PSN Czech Republic delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Grand Large, Film Works, Velocity, Rattling Stick, Joj Films, HunkyDory, HB Brothers, BRW, Family Films, Eddi, London Alley, Collateral Films, ViewFinder Media, Congaz...
  • Studios/Streamers like Revolution Studios...
  • Directors like Daniel Kleinman, Angela&Ithyle, Daniel Barber, Cris Mudge, Jeff Ford, Alejandro Toledo, Luigi Pane, Keith Rose, Greg Grey, WATTS, Des Mullan, Lalli Jonsson, Martin Aamund...
  • DOPs like John Mathieson, Ben Buttler, Rafa Lluch, James Mather, Olli Jacomelli, Ian Foster...

Czech Republic is also home to

  • Directors like Michael Brierley, Wolfberg, Vladimir Jedlicka, Matthieu Jorrot, David Chvatal, Pavel Soukup...
  • DOPs like Jan Velicky, Martin Matiasek, Sebastian Milaszewski, Michael Brierley, Jakub Dvorsky, Mark Bliss...

Petr Keller

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Petr Keller is a veteran filmmaker who set up his own company in Prague to provide full-service for film and television productions. He began by producing TV commercials, focusing on the best of European and US talent and servicing campaigns for major clients …

[cont.] such as Amex, Amstel, Danone, Ford, Kia, Kraft, Nescafe, Nestle, Pepsi, Pilsner Urquell, Samsung, and T-Mobile.

Petr also provided local below-the-line support for Hellboy, and he is credited on many other feature films. Over the years he’s worked with some outstanding individuals, including director Guillermo Del Toro; DOP Guillermo Navarro; producers Lloyd Levin, Lawrence Gordon, Patrick Palmer, and Leopoldo Gout; American comic book artist and writer Mike Mignola; the world storyteller James Patterson; internationally-renowned composer Onree Gill; DOP John Mathieson; director Daniel Kleinman; and many others.

Petr enjoyed an amazing run as Vice President of the European Association of Producers (CFP-Europe) where he was delegated to the jury of its Young Director Award event held annually during Cannes Lions. Judging the works of up and coming directors helped shape Peter into a keen believer in supporting fresh talents on all levels.

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