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If this happens to be your first opportunity to shoot in South Korea, we can assure you that it won’t be the last. A wide range of locations, top crew, and cutting-edge tools on hand all contribute toward South Korea shoots offering optimum value for your budget.

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The range of colorful shoot locations in South Korea is multiplied by the four distinct seasons. All in a compact country where you can travel from skyscrapers to towering trees in no time. Your location choice of a traditional house preserved as historical landmark or futuristic architecture is always enhanced by the totally different looks and colors of each season. And let’s not forget the weather forecasts – a reflection of our talent for precision!

South Korea’s offering of the latest production equipment and incorporation of the latest techniques is a further demonstration of how our reputation contributes to the success of your shoot. The bonus is that South Korean crew are well experienced at shooting overseas.

They now offer the great stage that is their homeland with all the production experience you could expect of a top-drawer local industry, servicing everything from commercial to feature-length projects, where our team collaborates with veteran film producer Yi Jongho (IMDB).

It is the same stage that happens to also be home to a large number of celebrities renowned across East Asia. The same ones many foreign producers come here to shoot with us.

We know no limits to making South Korea your best bet.Contact us for a quote.

PSN South Korea delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like MediaMonks, 25 Frames, PRS, Big Blue, Skiprope, Pixtography, 1stAveMachine, Cultivator, CondeNast...
  • Directors like Rogier Schalken, Joshua Ruben, Luciano Urbani, Menno Fokma, Jan, Nam, Ivan Handoyo, Andy Pearson, Vittorio...

South Korea is also home to

  • Directors like Jay Jun, Jang Jae Hyeok, Kim Gun, Lee Hyun Ji, Yu Kwang Kweng, Go Han Ki, Kim Ki Duck, Yeop, Kim Soo, Saltman, Kim HY, Lee Sung Ho, MC Jang...
  • DOPs like Nam Dong Keun, Kang Han Vit, Han Sang Gil, Han Jae Kwang, Choi Moon Yong, Ryu Jin Hyung, Kim Jin Woo...

Kimi Kim

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Kimi brings nearly two decades production experience in Seoul and across Southeast Asia to her management of PSN South Korea. A strong financial acumen and understanding of the business …

[cont.] dynamics in the creative industry has made her a go-to producer for renowned filmmakers of the region. Agency and brand producers from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh and Jakarta to Bangkok tap into her gift at working with South Korea’s coveted celebrities. In 2016, Kimi channeled her track record in producing content for a wide range of industry sectors with world class production teams and creatives into the founding of her Seoul-based production and service company. 

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