With Australia’s range of spectacular locations, we have the perfect backdrop to bring your shoot to life, regardless of production requirements

Australia is famous for its diversity, from stretching kilometers of pristine beaches to imposing, thickly forested mountain ranges, alpine heaths to tropical rainforests, large, ultra-modern cities to the world’s largest coral reef. The multicultural, inclusive nature of Australian society means it has access to every ethnicity imaginable, with fantastic actors at all levels and ages.

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Australia’s highly skilled workforce, when combined with the renowned Aussie friendliness and down to earth attitude, makes for the best possible combination of crews, equipment and transparent professionalism to breathe life into your film production. We also have an industry obsession with technology, which means we’re experienced in specialty equipment like high-speed motion control robots, Super-TechnoCranes, camera cars, The Ultimate Arm, Flight Head, Libra Head, heavy lift drones, as well as the latest in VR technology.

With an annual average of 286 sunny days a year, you can leverage the advantage of 10-hour shoot days in Queensland or 8-hour shoot days in New South Wales and Victoria.

We have offices in both Sydney and Brisbane, as well as producers based in Melbourne, so we’re uniquely placed to provide production solutions right across Australia.

The Australian Dollar is favorable against most major currencies, which means Australian shoots are cost effective, no matter the shoot requirements.

Our team is consistently recognised for outstanding creative and high-quality production work, both in Australia and internationally. South Pacific locations like Fiji are a second home where we work (and then play!) hard.

If required, we can also supply a great selection of local directors. We manage projects of any size or form – whether it’s a TV commercial, branded content video, virtual reality, tabletop, or specialist high-speed motion content.

Over the last 15 years we have successfully serviced international productions from around the globe, and we are really proud of the awesome reputation we’ve earned Down Under. There is no substitute for building trust with great products over a long period of time, and by doing so we’ve secured the friendship and repeat business of leading advertising agencies, global clients and top-tier directors and producers.

Given the opportunity to facilitate your shoot, we look forward to working with you to bring your striking narrative to life.

PSN Australia delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Iconoclast, Prodigious Paris, Dirty Robber, Tribe China, Se7en Sunday Films Indonesia, Dab Hand Media, Gunsrock, Hakuhodo Japan, Flying Pigs Productions, Square Box Films, Animal Studio Pittsburgh, Flex Films Indonesia...
  • Directors like Howard Greenhalgh ex London, Diana Yee, Liz Murphy, Masato Riesser, Mr Ryo Inoue, Ms. Mao Muramatsu, Masaki Yamazaki, Mr Bharat Sikka, Peter Aquilina, Michael Killen...
  • DOPs like Martin de Chabaneix, Mr Remy Chevrin, Damon Escott...

Andrew Wareham

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With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Andrew Wareham is a trusted partner and mentor. He has been instrumental in shaping the careers of some of Australia’s top producers and directors and has been the driving force behind multiple award-winning, multinational campaigns.

[cont.] From its humble beginnings in 2001, Andrew has spearheaded positioning his production and service company into the considerable powerhouse that it is today. Through his forward-thinking and creative approach, Andrew has expanded capacities to encompass an assortment of enterprises in Australia and his native Fiji that are fit for today’s dynamically evolving landscape.

Andrew loves nothing more than a good chat, meeting new people, and supporting emerging leaders in the industry.

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