Jordan is a truly unique destination that’s become a fast favourite amongst filmmakers from Hollywood to Bollywood

The crews’ expertise has seen them called upon to film projects across the Middle East.

Visitors are drawn to a variety of geographical features, starting from the Jordan Rift Valley in the west, an extension of the Great Rift Valley that runs through the African continent. To the surprise of some, the diversity of our country’s landscapes includes fertile river valleys, forests, plains, rolling hills, and marshes.

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Host to civilisations over millennia, Jordan is home to historical and biblical sites like the Arch of Hadrian in Jerash. The Roman and Byzantium ruins found here are among the largest and best-preserved in the world.

The hilltop fortress of Machaerus (now known as Mukawir) was the First Century BC stronghold of Herod the Great. At this garrison used to protect the King’s territories east of the Jordan river there is a sweeping view out over the Dead Sea at the country’s western border with Israel.

The spectacular sandstone city of Petra was recognised as a 7th Wonder of the World in our times, yet it is the 3rd Century BC work of the Nabataeans, who carved palaces, temples, tombs, storerooms, and stables from the surrounding soft-stone cliffs.

The vast horizon of red sand dunes at Wadi Rum is only interrupted by scattered rock formations. Star Wars and The Martian are amongst the blockbusters to have been filmed here.

The capital city of Amman and its surroundings offer a film-friendly cityscape that has doubled for urban areas of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, and Syria. The feature Zero Dark Thirty lensed scenes in Amman streets that substituted for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The port city of Aqaba takes full advantage of the Jordan’s sunny weather spanning 8 months from March to October. At seaside are luxurious resorts, beaches, and ports offering high-end locations suitable for many commercials and films.

The experience of Jordanian crew working on feature films at home has seen them called in for productions across the Gulf and Saudi Arabia. The Royal Film Commission (RFC) is known for local training programs that build upon this solid foundation.

The RFC also manages the Jordanian rebate and a tax exemptions program for films and TV series. The rebate can amount to up to 25 % of qualified local expenditure in Jordan.

No permit fees in public locations, easy access to military support and armoury, and a non-unionised crew accustomed to 12-hour work days are more film-friendly features of a country where the people are warm and welcoming. Within standard best practices of overtime and holidays, the Jordanian crew work tirelessly to ensure filmmakers are satisfied with their experience.

With visas granted on arrival to citizens of most countries, it’s safe to say that Jordan is a must consider for many film and photography projects. Shooting at its majestic locations with the support of flexible local crew will deliver unmatched results.

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  • Studios/Streamers like Netflix, Watermelon Pictures Korea...
  • Directors like Nico Perz Vega, Alessio Fava, Rune Milton, Jorge Rubia...
  • DOPs like Alex Martella, Alessandro Dominici, Khaled Mohtaseb, Pierre Mouarkech, Eugenio Galli, Eves Sehnaoui...
Jordan is also home to
  • DOPs like Ahmad Jalboush, Omar Sawalha...

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