Right in the middle of Europe, Austria is a very attractive shooting destination for film and photo productions

The country’s main attractions are not just the wonderful cities and towns but also its majestic natural beauties.
Austria is the best choice for those who are looking for amazing natural beauty or well-maintained, classic European architecture.

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The capital, Vienna, was the center of Europe’s biggest empire in the 19th Century, and it still preserves the old imperial touch with its buildings and streets. The state of Austria puts huge effort toward maintaining the most beautiful historic buildings, such as the old emperors’ palace, the Hofburg; or one of the world’s biggest baroque libraries – the Austrian National Library. At the same time, Vienna puts emphasis on the modern face of the city. In recent decades, a brave, state-of-the art architecture has left its fingerprint on Vienna and created a new atmosphere.

Besides Vienna and the friendly mountain villages, Salzburg’s baroque old town and its natural surroundings evoke the heart-warming world of the famous musical The Sound of Music and the age of Mozart.

These are all very unique features of Austria, but the country’s nature is just simply breathtaking. Crystal-clear lakes and rivers, fabulous snow-capped mountains with spectacular mountain roads, lush green meadows, and pinewoods. All of them are very easily accessible, as the country’s infrastructure is one of the best in Europe.

This is also true for the marvellous ski resorts in the Alps. Some of them are available all year long, so a campaign requiring snowy mountains in the summer is still easily doable. Many Hollywood productions choose Austria for its snowy mountains.

Austria has a very positive approach to film and photo productions, and the state is very open to foreign productions–not just for feature films and documentaries but for commercials as well.

Regarding production facilities and crews, Austria pretty much relies on its international background, depending on which part of the country we shoot in. There are local crews and providers like Arri Rental, but Budapest, Munich, and Prague also provide critical resources. To keep Austria an affordable shooting destination, PSN services it from a branch office in Vienna that is supported by neighboring Hungary. This enables PSN to support international shoots with a cost-effective balance.

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  • Production houses like Trailer Park, Unit 9, Nonfiction Unlimited, Mr. Smith, Boomtown Productions, Stink Berlin...
  • Studios/Streamers like 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting...
  • Directors like Nick Carbonaro, Craig MacLean, Steven Smith, Makeda Matheson, Ali Mostafa...
  • DOPs like Karl Erik Brondbo, Matt Toll, Márton Vízkelety, Alex Took...

Ivan Gero

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Ivan started his career as a TV producer working on a current affairs show for a leading local TV production company. He began at the bottom and wound up as one of the lead producers of the show.

[cont.] Soon after, he and a partner from the show launched their own production company in Hungary. That venture, initially specialized in documentary production, became the foundation for an expansion into Austria, where he now forms the most cost-effective production plan, with resources from both countries, to service commercial film, TV, corporate, and still photo shoots.

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