A proud green speck on the European map, Lithuania is a country of fresh ideas and innovations, set to deliver perfection and steadily becoming the next big thing for those seeking a distinct destination and reliable service

Baltic countries have played host to many foreign production crews over the years. The success of HBO’s Chernobyl most recently shined a spotlight on Lithuania. But together with our neighboring Latvia, the Baltics have witnessed some Stranger Things, endured BBC’s War & Peace, and hosted such royals as Anna Karenina, Elizabeth I, and Catherine The Great.

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The countries have also become a beloved destination for foreign advertising producers seeking to achieve best quality for best cost on video and stills projects. Our team’s ability to provide comprehensive, high-quality service has brought opportunity to collaborate with top-tier production houses and A-list directors.

Highly professional and experienced English-speaking, non-union crews meet the most demanding of requirements. From the most skilled set constructors to tech-savvy technicians, the Baltics crews you up with great talents in each department who have dozens of big foreign production jobs up their sleeves. 12-hour days are standard, but overtime is still a common practice if needed.

No matter if it is the dense pine forests kissing the virgin Latvian coast of the Baltic sea or impressive brutalist architecture gems in the heart of Vilnius, captivating locations in close proximity can be found whichever direction you turn your camera. Permitting and availability further demonstrate the production friendliness of Lithuania. Vast green fields and UNESCO-acclaimed sand dunes meet 18th-century manors and glass skyscrapers right here in this foothold of Europe.

Having the perfect four seasons throughout the year is handy but not always ideal timing for the story, and that is when set building steps into the conversation. With low prices for a solid and quality product, set constructors are ready to manufacture every single detail needed for a perfect backdrop. Props and costumes come in every size, shape, and period, no matter if you envision the 15th or 25th centuries.

Local suppliers are already used to serving multiple film, commercial, and photo projects concurrently. They stay up to speed with the latest innovations and fulfil the most advanced requirements. Our longstanding partnerships with them ensure we’re prepared for most any request.

Our hardworking teams are always at the ready to put it all into play as we help you to execute the best possible and impossible solutions for projects of any scale.

We are looking forward to having you here on the shores of the Baltic Sea, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your next shoot.

PSN Lithuania delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Blink, Wanda, Iconoclast, Prettybird, TPF, la Pac, Insurrection, Solab, Caviar, Partizan...
  • Directors like Jeff Low, Matt Lambert, Los Perez, Gordon von Steiner, Axel -Bjorn Sjoblad l, Reynald Gresset, Manu Cossu, Marcus Walter...
  • DOPs like Marcel Zyskind, Stuart Winecof, David Ungaro, Barry Ackroyd, Mauro Chiarello...

Lithuania is also home to

  • Directors like Ignas Jonynas...