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A small country with a lot to offer.

As the epicentre of the European Union, Belgium offers diverse outdoor shoot locations, from generic European cities, to the streets of “Paris”, to “Africa”, and even “Chinatown”. Forests, lakes, mountains, canals and beaches are all on offer, together with modern buildings and old, beautiful highways, waterways, and racetracks - all within a short distance of one another.,

Current Time and Date in Brussels: Thursday, 9th April 2020, 3:25 pm

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Belgium is a film-friendly country, with ease of shoot permitting road closures in 10 working days. Drone filming in urban areas can also be achieved with clearly defined fly-zone permits issued by authorities.

Indoors, there are great studios, stages, and one of the largest water-tank installations in Europe (which can be heated to 31˚C). .

Recent years have seen feature films like In Bruges, Grace of Monaco and award-winning The Kid with a Bike make use of the multitude of filmmaker assets on hand in Belgium. Not the least of which are film incentives that can amount 2/3 of a qualifying feature film budget.

Situated at a European crossroads, the country boasts a multicultural population that facilitates a diverse range of local casting and offers great flexibility when working with children.

Belgium’s position makes it easily accessible from London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Germany, important when working with multinational clients and teams.

At the helm of PSN Belgium is veteran producer Leila Fisher who earned her stripes servicing foreign film and photo shoots in South Africa before returning to her homeland. Along the way she’s worked with A-list directors, including Joe Vanhoutteghem, Raf Wathion, and Rutger Hauer; and top-tier production houses like Satellite My Love, Czar, and Pink Films. She now runs a production house positioned to offer foreign producers the local resources and access to incentives that make Belgium a sensible choice for film and photo projects.

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