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Coral | At the Races

Toyota Japan | HH Hybrid Harrier-Side A

Sky Sports | Be Inside the Game

Vodafone | First Trip Away

Showtime | Penny Dreadful – Verbis Diablo

History Channel | Vikings-2

Calvin Klein | Eternity

Sky Sports | Be Inside the Game

Dundrum | Christmas

RIM | Blackberry

Betsafe | The Walk, Conor McGregor

Tullamore Dew | Glasses Up

TG4 | Formorians

RSA | Kilkee

Renault | Rosemary Smith,The Ultimate Test Drive

TBS Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | Irish Abortion Referendum

J.Crew | Holiday Catalogue 2015

Betsafe | Betsafe

Roxy | Fall campaign 2014

History Channel | Vikings-2

We are famous for our hospitality and that hospitality extends to our incoming productions!

The island of Ireland has welcomed visiting productions of all shapes and sizes for many years. From big US blockbuster movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings to the smallest commercial and stills shoots – they all get the same excellent welcome and service.

Current Time and Date in Dublin: Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 5:37 am

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The reasons for filming in Ireland are many, but top draws that keep commercial companies coming back are the locations, cost-effective production, the small size of the country and close proximity of really varied locations along with high-quality English-speaking crew. Lush rural landscapes and fantastic studios lie within a 30-minute drive of Dublin city centre. The amazing light, particularly on the west coast, makes for a deliciously long ‘magic hour’.

PSN Ireland is the base for productions in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Dublin and Belfast are just over a 2-hour drive distance. The whole island is our oyster! 

We’ve had the pleasure to service the production of cutting-edge entertainment programming for Showtime and History Channel, as well as commercials for leading production houses like Academy Films, Partizan, Pretty Bird, Pulse, Rattling Stick, RSA, The Mill+, and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.

In recent times we’ve been delighted to work with legendary pop promo director Walter Stern; our very own Oscar-nominated DoP, Seamus McGarvey; John Hillcoate directing none other than Bob Dylan and the wonderful Si + Ad. .

Ireland is an extremely cost-effective production centre.  We will happily provide you with a budget for any project so can see that for yourself!   .

Work/life balance is not always uppermost in people’s minds when they travel for work, but we don’t let that stop us from making sure that your time here is as pleasant as possible.  We have top-class hotels and restaurants dotted all over the country, and we like our visitors to feel very welcome and at home.  And you cannot leave the country without experiencing a little of the ‘craic’ we are so famous for…

We are looking forward to welcoming you. Contact us

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