The Peruvian filmmaking industry is the next big discovery to put this Latin American country on the map

You will have heard about Peru because it is much more than Machu Picchu, llamas, and restaurants with the best cuisine in the world. It is also one of the countries with the greatest diversity on the planet: rich in landscapes, cultures and people of all races; where millenary cities of mud and stone coexist with others of contemporary architecture.

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In a few hours by car – or a 90-minute flight – you can cross desolate deserts by the sea, travel through the enigmatic Andean mountains, and reach the heart of the Amazon. And as you see the landscapes change, you’ll see the diversity of the people flourish.

At the geographical center lies Lima, where minimal rainfall is just one reason a growing audiovisual sector thrives in the varied cityscape of the only South American capital city located on the coast. From the Pacific to the Andes, Lima is the perfect hub from which to shoot coastline, highlands, and jungle.  Film and photo productions count on 11 hours of daylight year-round and mild temperatures with southern hemisphere seasons.

Political stability and a secure economy resulting in steady interannual growth over the past decade have earned Peru its place among leading South American countries.

The audio-visual sector has taken off.

Drones can be lifted almost anywhere, except archaeological sites.  Crew and talent are accustomed to standard 12-14-hour shoot days in a country with no unions.

Producers will find local equipment suppliers well stocked and high-end tools of the trade like Russian Arm, Motion Control, Techno Cranes, and Shotover gyro stabilized platform easily supplied from neighboring Chile or Colombia. Temporary admission of foreign assets & gear from further afield can also be arranged.

Our team has produced over 900 TV commercials under the leadership of Alejandro Noriega, one of the most prestigious and renowned producers in Peru. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with and share industry recognition with award-winning directors and DoP’s. This experience can enhance your production and help you get the most out of all that our country can offer in camera.

Rich in experiences at every turn, Peru’s history, biodiversity, and gastronomy promise unforgettable memories.

All is waiting for New Yorkers at the end of a flight no longer than the time needed to reach most of continental Europe.   Even less for producers based in Los Angeles!  Once in Latin America, you’ll also find Lima strategically situated, with direct flights to other major cities like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, or Santiago de Chile.

Put Peru on your map and discover infinitely different possibilities for filming much closer than you imagined.Contact us.

PSN Peru delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Peliculas Cortitas, Flare, Sur Films...
  • Directors like Martin Bautista, Gabe Ibañez, Ariel Winograd, Alex Rodriguez, Diego N. Irigoyen, Vladimir Duran, Miguel Bueno, Rebeca Diaz, Federico Garcia, Alvaro de la Herran, Mireia Pujol, Felipe Rueda & Diego Ante...
  • DOPs like Natasha Brier, Eloi Moli, Javier Juliá, Juanmi Azpiroz, Borja Lopez, Paco Femenía, Carlos Catalán, Marc Miró, Marcus Hastrup, Jorge Roig...

Peru is also home to

  • Directors like Juani Amusategui, Eduardo Gutierrez, Rodrigo Dulanto, Roddy Dextre, Mario Angulo, Matias Gutierrez, Claudia Llosa...
  • DOPs like Miguel Valencia, Julian Amaru Estrada, Christian Valera, Fergan Chavez, Fernando Cobian...

Alejandro Noriega

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Executive Producer Alejandro Noriega is a leading force in the Peruvian filmmaking industry. His work in commercial films over the past two decades has won more than 90 awards at international film festivals, including Cannes Lions, Cíclope, CLIO, London International Awards, The New York Festival, FIAP, APAP, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, APCP, The One Show, Premio Ideas, El Sol, and more.

A pre-nomination for the Oscar in 2021 is a standout achievement he made in cinema along with seeing his work selected for the Teddy Award of Berlin, Generation of Berlin, and Calgary Film Festival.


Alejandro’s production house has made its mark in the Peruvian market where it represents twenty-two directors from around the world filming in Peru with diverse worldviews. Recognition amongst his peers saw him elected President of Jury of Audiovisual Production Techniques at FIAP festival, the first Peruvian president of jury at an international festival.

The same local expertise is behind his dedicated services division that is PSN Peru.

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Miraflores, Lima, Peru
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