Optimal Choice

We offer a range of locations, seasons, atmosphere, productions and advantages for film, photo and video shoots. Welcome to a world where we can boost the diversity of your work while minimizing the fuss. We save you valuable time for content creation by guiding you to the optimal shoot location.

No Added Cost

Our comprehensive production services depend on our veteran partners in each territory. That’s a whole lot of local knowledge at your fingertips for free! We help you identify the best production partners for your project and match you up for a successful shoot.

Quality Control

American-managed PSN is an Associate Member of AICP, Association of Independent Commercial Producers. Our production partners adhere to guidelines of national trade associations like CFP-Europe joined in their pursuit of best practices. Shoot, film, photo, or video with PSN once, and enjoy consistent professionalism in the countries we service.

"The work was a highly energizing experience, while we felt relaxed and absolutely at home.”
Joshua Tree Producer Joshua Upputuru
Shoot for Kirloskar Green in Romania.
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“We were able to shoot at an exclusive location and all our production's requests were met and more.”
Producer, President of the Board Chris Grabowski.
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“Attention to details and professionalism all the way.”
Azerbaijani Executive Director of McCann Baku, Elnur Nuraliyev.
Shoot for Bakcell in Turkey.
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"We really liked their professional can-do attitude.”
Singapore Executive Producer Trudi Koh.
Shoot for Nikon in Hungary.
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"Ran a seamless shoot in what could have been a challenging environment! ”
Film Producer Peter Eberhard, from FRankfurt, Germany, Atelier Markgraph with Raid Films
Shoot for Maybach in the Liwa desert, Abu Dhabi.
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"Hard-working, helpful, cost effective, solution-oriented, and really good people."
Andrew Levene, HOP at Stink
Shoot for Smirnoff.
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“Both individually and collectively, you exceeded our highest hopes.”
US Senior Producer Steven Smith.
Shoot for 20th Century Fox in Salzburg, Austria.
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“Their professionalism, experience, and personal commitment with the project were extremelly helpful.”
O2 Filmes Brasil producer Bel Berlinck.
Shoot of feature film "Blindness" in Montevideo, Uruguay.
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“You understand the creative, production, logistics and finances very well and seem to be very good at balancing them in order to get the best for the job.”
Accomplice Media Executive Producer Jeff Snyder
Shoot for Kaspi Bank in Kazakhstan.
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“Great people, great crew, cost-efficient and smart; it would be hard to consider using anyone else.”
Knucklehead UK MD Tim Katz.
Shoot for SAP in South Africa.
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“In two words: Thank you. They gave us loads of support. What a rad trip all around!!”
The Richards Group (Dallas, TX) Broadcast Producer, Gabriel Silva.
Shoot for H·E·B in Bogotá, Colombia.
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"Extremely reliable but also creative, fast, flexible and a true partner."
Stefan Vonderstein, owner at Melches Vonderstein.
Shoot in Germany for C&A.
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“Superb to work with, totally efficient and manages to solve any tricky situation.”
Global Marketing Manager Fiona Curtin.
Shoot in Ireland for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard.
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“A big thanks for going that extra mile.”
UK producer Ben Hills.
Shoot for Ford in Spain.
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"One of the more pleasurable shoot experiences I have had in my 20 years. The whole show was run very smoothly, in good humor and with the professional attitude we all expected."
Louis Saint-Calbre, Caviar Content LA.
Shoot for Quaker in New Zealand.
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"You make us feel as one team whenever we work together which is a key to any successful production.”
Head of Production at Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, Wael Said.
Shoot for Head & Shoulders in Poland.
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“Why do we love shooting in Lisbon? We found a family. We are eternally grateful!”
Baby, Director @ Rebolucion.
Shoot for Super Bock in Portugal.
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"GREAT work is why we keep coming back!"
US Director of Production Louis Tancredi.
Shoot for HBO in United Kingdom.
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"A big thanks to the Australian team who ensured a smooth three day shoot working with over 40 different babies - that's no easy task!”
Shinya Kishiro.
Executive Producer GunsRock.

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“We felt well taken care of. Thanks for working so hard and caring about the project.”
Film Director Alison Maclean.
Shoot for Athenos with Park Pictures in Greece.
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“She has successfully handled them all with the upmost professionalism. I continually use her and cannot recommend her enough.”
Executive Producer Ken Li.
Happy Face Films.
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“Thank you for guiding us so seamlessly through our Icelandic shoot.”
US Line Producer Phil Robertson.
COSMOS shoot for National Geographic in Iceland.
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"My favorite French fixer – Your crew was amazing.”
USA Producer Helen Cavallo.
Shoot for A Band Apart in France.
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“The casting was terrific, the crew was amazing, and the producers are fabulous. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”
EVP Executive Producer Jill Rothman.
Shoot for Arnoldnyc in Chile.
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"Made the impossible possible. And we had fun too.”
Director Richard Traktor.
Shoot for HSBC in Tamil Nadu, India.
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"I highly recommend them. We had a talent request to work only with a specific director, on a super-tight timeline in locations away from the city. Somehow Kimi helped pull this through. On budget."
Nina Mohamed-Nor.
Creative Director JWT.

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“Wouldn't work with anyone else. Their honesty, work ethic, and friendly smiles make for a pleasurable and fun experience."
Brendan Kling (Producer) & Sean Blair (Head of Production/Exec Producer)
Native Pictures USA.
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"We absolutely love our shoots in Vietnam. Amazing locations, genuine experience and great peeps and production team all around. If you haven’t shot there yet, you need to hurry!””
Xavier David.
Exod-us EP & Dir. Rep.

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“They have all the resources, contacts and ingenuity required for making happen even the craziest projects and believe me, we challenged them.”
Stéphane Rituit.
VR shoots.
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