We have the local knowledge you need.

We know what it takes to film in Ukraine, then and now.  Click to see our team’s work on the Superpower documentary helmed by Sean Penn for Paramount+.

Our native Ukrainian team can help you tap into local resources and those of regional film hubs to secure equipment, crew, and talent to execute suitable projects. Providing work for the displaced supports local industry. Read more in our blog post.

Credit Suisse You Are The Future

Production Service in Ukraine

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Brand: Credit Suisse
Market: Switzerland
Director: Courtney Phillips
DoP: Todd Martin
Production Company: Shining Pictures
Producer: Leonardo Sanfilippo
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Michael Moffett

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Production work on commercial, entertainment, and factual shoots for clients from around the world during more than two decades is at the core of Michael’s experience. Highlights include feature film and sport celebrity shoots, primetime TV programming for all major US & UK channels, and events …

[cont.] as diverse as motocross and a papal visit.

This Los Angeles native with a traveler’s soul started his own production service company overseas to share with fellow production professionals the wonders of shooting film, photo, and video projects across Spain and Portugal – the sunniest corner of Europe. Michael is as quick with a smile as he is committed to no-nonsense production workflow delivering cost-effective, quality results you can see in frame. He founded the Production Service Network in 2014 to accomplish that worldwide. He manages PSN from his base in Madrid, Barcelona, or most anywhere he has an Internet connection.

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