We welcome you to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the rest of the Netherlands

There are many reasons for shooting in the Netherlands. And it is not only because of the famous historical cities, canals, windmills and flowergardens, and people walking on wooden shoes.

The Netherlands has a wide range of both classic locations and modern architecture, flatlands, wide meadows and ‘polders’, beaches, castles and spacious houses. And we can also provide for studio facilities if needed.

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Being a small nation, all locations can be reached within limited time from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our crews are very flexible and English speaking. Further, we provide various ethnicities for casting. 99% of our cast speaks English. Belgium and the UK are next door, and we have close connections with casting agencies in those countries too.

The Netherlands has a lot of directors experienced at filming with international clients. This makes shooting in The Netherlands with a local director an attractive alternative for some projects. Show us your brief and we’ll research the available local directors on request to present you with options. We can and will add creativity to the project!

Naturally, as a trading nation, we know how to be of service. And we love to be of service.

We’re honored to have worked with some top-tier production companies in the execution of everything from online content to TV commercials, stills, and feature-length projects. Our team collaborates with highly experienced film and TV producer Sabine Brian.

Come discover what we have to offer; we would love to share the beauty of our country with you.

Send us an email, and let’s chat soon about your next shoot!

PSN Netherlands delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Sailor, Alkemy-X, Unit9, Felix&Paul, QUAD, Taxi Film, Dirty Robber...
  • Directors like Felix&Paul, Derek Doneen, Mike van Diem...
  • DOPs like Mick Coulter, Floris van der Lee, Seamus McGarvy...

The Netherlands is also home to

  • Directors like Marco Grandia, Jeroen Annokkee, Tobias Pekelharing, Menno Fokma, Andre Maat & Diederik Spaargaren...
  • DOPs like Lex Brand, Jasper Wolf, Jo Vermaercke, Theo Bierkens, Hoyte van Hoytema, Menno Mans, Tibor Dingelstad, Piotr Kukla, Roel Reine, Rogier Stoffers, Rutger Storm, Reinier van Brummelen...

Maarten van Hemmen

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Maarten van Hemmen worked his way up from Runner to Executive Producer for TVC’s and feature films. From his start in 1993, he spent the next 5 years managing and producing hundreds of commercial films. Being fascinated …

[cont.] by shooting logistics he also worked as a 1st AD on many commercials, feature films and TV dramas from 1998-2008. Maarten was one of the founding fathers and President of the Dutch Association for Assistant Directors.

From 2008-2014 Maarten was co-owner of the Electric Zoo, an award-winning production company of commercials based in South Africa.

Maarten later returned to his home country of the Netherlands to launch his own production company servicing national and international clients. He soon joined PSN to share his passion for film and the creative process – a driving force in all PSN projects shot in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Nicole de Werk

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