Josh Patil

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Josh Patil is a Managing Partner at the PSN Indonesia Partner, one of the premier film production and service companies in Asia. Hailing from Los Angeles, Josh previously worked in the television industry …

[cont.] before relocating to Bali to launch his own company. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has become well-respected for his ability to produce jobs of any caliber.

Known for his exceptional organizational skills, Josh’s approach to producing is centered around bringing people together and creating a comfortable environment for all involved. His passion for craft, keen eye for detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled him to deliver high-quality productions that have earned him accolades from both clients and peers in the industry.

Under Josh’s leadership, the PSN Indonesia Partner has become one of the most sought-after production service companies in Asia. From small projects to large-scale productions, Josh’s extensive experience and expertise have made him a go-to person for producing jobs of any size. He is highly regarded for his ability to deliver exceptional work while ensuring that clients and crew are happy and satisfied throughout the production process.

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Jasmyn Asvat

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Jasmyn Asvat is a seasoned producer and director with over 24 years of experience in the industry. Her unwavering passion and dedication to keeping clients and crew in high spirits throughout the production process …

[cont.] have made her a powerhouse organizer. She has a unique ability to galvanize the people around her, bringing out the best in everyone involved in her productions.

Jasmyn’s production background is diverse, ranging from music events, commercials, reality TV, documentaries, news, and music videos to unit managing. Her gung-ho attitude has taken her to war zones to tell the stories of the less fortunate across Africa, sit beside heads of state for news interviews and documentaries, and share the stage with musical legends like Sadoa Watanabe, Harvey Mason, Hugh Masekela, Stimela, and many more.

During her six years producing in Asia, Jasmyn’s has thrived at infusing positive energy across all departments to deliver results for her clients. Her wealth of experience in producing and directing, coupled with her excellent organizational skills, has made her a valuable asset to the team.

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