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The one-stop shop for full local shoot support worldwide

Our boots-on-the-ground Partners are vetted production service companies in 50 territories experienced at providing comprehensive below-the-line services in more than 100 countries.

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This is not a directory. PSN selects just one Partner per territory. We choose the best so you work with the best. The work of one reflects on us all.

We continually prove ourselves in the demanding genre of commercial film production. We use the same skillset to service producers of everything from feature films and TV series to premiere still photography. In common with all projects is the need for a company of local production expertise that ensures a successful shoot overseas.

We pool our resources here at PSN to offer comprehensive assistance to producers shooting overseas.

  • Local knowledge to build a better bid.
  • Local access to incentives for qualifying projects.
  • Local experience providing most everything imaginable for film and still photography shoots with the world’s most challenging clients.

We put this local expertise at producers’ fingertips for no added cost. A successful shoot earns us the friendship and trust of producers who call on PSN Partners time and again. That’s how we roll.


Years of collective experience shooting overseas and cross-referencing with our industry producer friends helped us carefully vet and choose one top-drawer Partner in each country. Read more here about the story behind PSN.

One click or call can now connect producers shooting overseas with local shoot support to achieve their directors' vision. We are the traveling producers' local partner for everything below the line.

As top-tier production service companies, we deliver comprehensive assistance for live action filming and photography to our clients’ specs and in full compliance with all local laws and regulations. We are equally mindful of legislation like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act. Foreign producers can count on PSN Partner cooperation toward upholding such standards.

That amounts to much more than a fixer or diary service. Regardless of project scale, we adhere to professional standards accepted and expected industry wide.

We work closely with producers to tailor our professional services for their overseas production of commercial films, branded content, feature films, TV series, documentaries, unscripted entertainment, AR/VR/AI, and still photography.

Our full production services also facilitate international projects produced locally. IBM USA in Australia and Chivas global in China are projects where clients called on our local film directors.

PSN is the common denominator for production companies, agencies, brands, and studios shooting overseas. It’s a no-brainer to call on us.