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Marvel Studios | Thor, The Dark World

The homeland of Thor is to be found north of the Arctic Circle, nestled in the mountains of Norway. We worked with a British-American team of 10 to shoot several hours of aerial footage in the spectacular Lofoten Islands.
“It’s well tucked away and takes three planes to get up there! But it’s this amazing little Norwegian miniature - it’s got all of the fjords and the beautiful landscapes, greenery, and rocky precipices, but it’s actually shootable,” recalls Marvel Studios VFX Supervisor Jake Morrison. “You can fly a helicopter to one bit from another fairly easily.”
The resulting plates provided CG artists with a real-world reference for creating Asgard in digital form.

Client: Marvel Studios - Title: Thor, The Dark World - Director: Alan Taylor - DoP: Kramer Morgenthau - Production Company: Asgard Productions II UK ltd - Producer: Kevin Feige - Production Service: Frost media AS - Location: Lofoten, Norway



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