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From the green mountains of Jazan and Abha, sometimes dusted in snow, to the vastness of the Empty Quarter; the hustle and bustle of modern Riyadh and urban Jeddah to the spellbinding vibes of mesmerizing Al Ula; Saudi Arabia is beyond what most ever imagined.

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The Kingdom is welcoming all visitors with open arms, enticing travelers far and wide. Traditional Saudi hospitality is found at a myriad of diverse locations, terrains, and activities.

The scarcity of water in this predominantly desert nation makes it a precious resource. Waiting to be tapped is the deep pool of local, Arab-speaking talent. They are true diamonds in the rough.

Dispelling mythical mirages of days past are entrepreneurial enterprises feeding budding film hubs with underlying state support to propel The Kingdom into modernity. As a country, as a nation, as a culture, Saudi Arabia is determined to surprise in the best of ways.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – whatever you thought, think again. 

PSN Saudi Arabia delivers experience working with

  • Production houses and Agencies like Media Monks, RSA Films, Gorilla Films, Bullion Productions...
  • Studios/Streamers like Netflix...
  • Directors like Kit Lynch-Robinson, Dirk Verheye, Amin Dora, Damiano Fieramosca, Dave Meyers, Andreas Grassl, Kevork Aslanyan, Mattias Zentner, William Armstrong, Stefano & Alejandra, Fernando Livschitz...
  • DOPs like Mik Allen, Daniel Bronks, David Doom, Eugenio Galli, Anton Milanov, Rokas Sydeikis, Grimm Vandekerckhove, Anatol Trofimov, Pancho Alcaine, Deon Van Zyl, Zubin Mistry...

Saudi Arabia is also home to

  • Directors like Abdallah Majed, Majed al Issa, Aziz Aljasmi, Abdallah Khmeis, Mohammad Hammad...
  • DOPs like Amro alamary, Bandar Alabi, Bilal el Badr, Elias Haswani, Saeed Salem, George Daou, Nicolas Khoury...

Dan Kilalea – Executive Producer/Director

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You’ll be hard pressed to find a type of job Daniel hasn’t worked on. Or country he hasn’t been to. Daniel has produced and serviced commercials, long-form documentaries, …

[cont.] episodic shows for TV, and more. Since before his move to the GCC region in 2008, Daniel has always been a firm believer in the creative product and collaborating to make great films.

Bruce Macdonald – Producer/Director

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Seasoned producer and director Bruce Macdonald helms development and running of long form projects, …

[cont.]His most recent feature, Samson, was released in 1000 US theatres in 2018 to earn more than 5m USD.  Bruce also directed the break-out feature, The Perfect Wave, which catapulted Scott Eastwood into the limelight as a leading man.

Utilizing his in-depth knowledge of how to convey stories with strong narrative that evoke human interest by entertaining, educating, and inspiring change, Bruce was nominated for a Humanitarian award for excellence in film for his work as a director on a series of Human Rights shorts. Those doc films won Best Director, Best Short film at prestigious festivals (Cannes World Film Festival, CBS Telly awards, Hollywood shorts).

Recent documentaries as producer include Last Known Coordinates (2021); Ocean Driven (2016), which won numerous Best Film Awards and Audience Choice awards; The Parlotones (2018), which premiered at Cannes in 2018; and the iconic music documentary Springbok Nude Girls.

Projects in pre-production include Jet Jungle (a co-production with Revelations Entertainment, owned by Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary). Bruce’s relationship with Revelations Entertainment has generated another project due to film in the Middle East in 2022.

7131, Al Nargis Dist.
Abi Bakr As Siddiq
Riyadh 13333
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Wednesday, 17th July 2024, 1:16 am

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Shane Martin – CEO/Director

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More than two decade’s experience in the Middle East market have made Shane Martin an award-winning producer and director of high-end productions.

[cont.] His vast repertoire pretty much speaks for itself. Shane’s comprehensive understanding of the regional market is an added asset valued by foreign producers from LA to London to Tokyo who he’s helped with the execution of their projects across the GCC region.