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A world-renowned free-diver shows how, with just one breath, he is able to journey to the depths of the sea to find his inner peace. Shot on location off the beautiful Bahamian island of Bimini, this production included lots of water work, boats, and drone filming – some of our many specialties –, all while being observed by majestic sharks!

Client: Ottonova
Campaign: Reduced To The Best
Director: James Morgan
DoP: Sean Gilbert
Agency: Serviceplan
Production Company: Embassy of Dreams
Producer: Luis Pietsch
Production Service: Method Laboratories
Service Producer: Patti Getker
Service EP: Michael Savitz
Location: Bimini, Bahamas

Michael Savitz

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Michael Savitz has worked in the commercial film production industry for over 25 years.  He is co-founder and Executive Producer at one of the largest and most successful production houses in Florida.

[cont.] Michael started as a high school intern at a large commercial production company in the area, until it was time to go to college.  He then worked for ABC news and dabbled in radio and television movie production before returning to his first love – advertising and the production of commercials.

At the ripe old age of 25, Michael was bestowed the coveted Silver Medal Award, a lifetime achievement award, by the American Advertising Federation (AAF/Miami).  He currently is President of AICP Florida and serves on AICP’s National Board of Directors.   He has served as Chairman of the AICP Show in Florida, as well as the ADDY Awards Judging Chair.

Michael’s mother still doesn’t know what he does for a living but was overheard telling a friend that he makes wedding videos.  Michael lives in South Florida with two beautiful daughters, a gorgeous beach to the east, and the Everglades practically in his backyard.  His kids will tell you that their dad is the bestest, until he refuses to buy them the latest iPhone.