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Canada is a land of vast territories, filled with numerous lakes, breathtaking mountains and majestic forests where one can breathe deeply while taking in the northern wilderness. Known for its geographic diversity, you can easily transition from scenes in striking nature to engaging urban landscapes. The country’s distinct seasons showcase captivating landscapes; dazzling summer images in stark contrast to the shades of winter.

With offices in Montreal and Vancouver, we cover all of Canada. We will find the location that best suits your needs. Cityscapes, mountaintops, dirt roads, city streets, fields and icebergs – We will find your perfect location.

The reasons are many why Canada remains a top international filming location – with Vancouver and Montreal directly competing with Los Angeles and New York. Year after year, we continually host many of the most renowned directors and crews from around the world.

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Montreal is one of the oldest cities in North America. It combines old European continental charm with a more casual modern flair. The city easily doubles for many different parts of the world, including Europe and America.

Vancouver, a coastal gem, offers direct access to the Pacific Ocean as well as its proximity to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. In one day of shooting, you can easily combine a modern urban concept with one based in the countryside.

Montreal and Vancouver are cosmopolitan cities. Casting is made easy from the diverse pool of workers: young or old, any origin, any look, we can easily find your actors.

You have special effects in mind for your project? We can provide motion controlled or speed arms, food stylists, and prop masters. We cater to any request and address any operational or logistical concern. Specialized crews and cutting-edge equipment are available for both car and tabletop shoots. We have access to the latest technologies and state-of the-art equipment, all operated by A-list technicians. Both cities offer remarkable sound stages to build sets.

Several major American studios and big-budget productions have built a tradition of coming here because Canada has continually provided them access to consistent excellence. We provide them with exactly what they are looking for: expertise in front and behind the camera that mirrors their domestic skill set while also offering cost relief.

We will be your partners and will work within your budget. We have established longstanding rapports within the country that will allow for the most cost-effective solutions for any project. With the ability to leverage the American dollar’s strength in Canada, production values and efficiencies can be estimated and executed. Estimates and location proposals will be provided in a timely manner.

We can offer assistance not only with content collaboration and pitching but we also provide consultation for all travel logistics, including visas, and accommodation.

Collaborating closely with our clients, we have developed a reputation over the years for achieving difficult and ambitious shoot settings.

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PSN Canada delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like PSYOP, Tool of NA, Partizan, 1stAveMachine, Picrow, Iconoclast, Decon, Fixer...
  • Studios/Streamers like Netflix, Moment Factory...
  • Directors like Marco Spier, Rudi Schwab, Sasha Levinson, Roman Rutten, Mathery, Vallee Duhamel, Karim Zarrifa...
  • DOPs like Christophe Collette, David Franco, Andre Turpin...

Mathieu Dumont - IMDB

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Mathieu has managed hundreds of productions including commercials, documentaries, music videos, TV series and full-length films. He has been at the head of numerous productions in Canada and in more …

[cont.] than 25 countries around the world. His latest documentary has been one of the most ambitious media projects to be produced in outer space.  In 2014, with his 3 partners, he founded the production house invited to join PSN and offer complete production services to foreign crews filming in Canada. Mathieu is known for his calm attitude in front of the unexpected as well as his great determination.

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Tom Larivière

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Tom’s task is to create engaging work environment while overseeing creative development of scripted and unscripted projects. His work blurs the lines between management, creativity and production.

[cont.] He uses his 20 years in film production, sales & construction interchangeably to best support each project and find creative solutions. He has carefully curated and produced for the best brands, agencies and production partners around the globe since 2010. He concentrates his energy on positivity and living in the present.

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