Malaysia’s multiethnic canvas displays a world of diversity filled with color, inspiration, and character. The breathtaking sights, unique cultures, and versatile talents of this Southeast Asian gem will mesmerize you and ensure a memorable filming experience

Malaysia’s modern skyscrapers, lush rainforests, charming temples, and picturesque beaches are perfect locations for bringing drama to life, making the country an ideal destination for movie and commercial makers.

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The Malaysian government’s incentives and cash rebates have elevated the tropical nation into a must-consider film production hub of the region.

Every city and village in Malaysia is a picture-perfect film destination.

Every Malaysian face – young and old, vibrant or wrinkled with wisdom – has a story to tell.

It comes as no surprise why location scouts continue to single out Malaysia as the ultimate location for making commercials or movies.

From the high-rise buildings and ritzy malls in Kuala Lumpur to fishing villages of the Bajau Laut sea gypsies in Semporna, every destination is vibrant with breathtaking aesthetics.

Nature is pure in Malaysia rainforests of Pahang and Sarawak, amongst the oldest in the world.

White-sand beaches decorate the coastline of the South China Sea and Strait of Malacca. Sipadan Island, Layang-Layang Island, and Tioman Island are renowed for driving experiences.

State-of-the-art highways and public transportation make every city and town easily accessible. Driving or riding is a breeze on the extensive inter- and intra-city highway networks. There are also frequent and affordable domestic flights connecting cities across the country.

Built upon solid infrastructure is the ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ brand, an initiative evolving the nation from just another tourist destination to one that encourages and symbolizes creativity in a film-friendly environment.

This tropical country has rather predictable weather that need not disrupt production schedules. As such, Malaysia has been featured in many international films and remains a much sought-after location by film and commercial makers from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Feature films such as Crazy Rich Asians, Kabali, Blackhat, Don and Don 2, Anna and the King, Entrapment, and Police Story 3 are among the titles shot in Malaysia.

Language is not a barrier in multi-cultural Malaysia as most Malaysians speak two languages, if not more. These include English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, and Hindi, to name a few.

The nation is home to some of the best food in Asia – from hawker stalls to hipster cafes. World-renowned restaurant chains, including Hard Rock and Nobu, can provide a familiar setting for your production team gatherings.

Malaysia boasts professional talents – on screen and behind the scenes – who are highly sought after. Our in-house creatives have crafted groundbreaking branded content reaching beyond our borders.  Local industry players have a solid working relationship with local authorities and agencies to facilitate all aspects of filming.

Having enjoyed success in our work on commercial projects with renowned directors, our team is at the ready to provide cost-effective solutions for your creative needs. Our local production capacity extends to nearby Singapore, where our team had the privilege to work with US and UK producers on films for Marriott and Lego respectively.

For the production of scripted drama, the Film in Malaysia Incentive provides a 30% cash rebate on all Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure. This is a critical building block for the nation’s economic, social, and intellectual development. The government is keen to see more talents honing skills in the performance and creative industries. And we’re pleased to be at the forefront since our involvement in the local filming of high-profile features like the opening scene of Fair Game.

We offer you the unique charm of Malaysia which will be etched in your heart and mind as your creative senses are unleashed.

Send us an email, and let’s chat soon about your next shoot!

PSN Malaysia delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like Pulse Film, Academy, Unit 9, The Mill, Matte, Sibling Rivalry, ASAP HK...
  • Studios/Streamers like Iskandar Malaysia studio...
  • Directors like Lionel Mougin, Frederic Planchon, Joe Romen, Luke Bouchier, Alberto Accettulli, Nic Yiallouris, Laurent Barthelemy, William DeSena...
  • DOPs like Barry Ackroyd, Fabrizio Accettulli, Dan Frantz, Htat Lin Htut, Sam Chiplin...

Malaysia is also home to

  • Directors like Maurice Noone, Rajay Singh, Sling Ng, Marcel De Silva...
  • DOPs like Eric Yeong, Din Ismeth, Ricky Lim, Simon Chin, Julian Oh...

Pete Singh

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Passion, hard work, and a commitment to delivering great results run deep in the PSN Malaysia shop. With Pete Singh at the helm, there’s no other way.
Pete was introduced to the world of commercial filmmaking …

[cont.] at the tender age of 20 as a doe-eyed freelance PA with Axis Films, a renowned production house in the 90s. He’s never looked back.

During this time he produced projects for a number of foreign A-List film directors, creating numerous award-winning television commercials for local and international brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Cathay Pacific, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Nokia, and many more. He has also been pivotal at injecting fresh talent in to the industry by selecting young film directors looking for their big break.

Under his stewardship, the PSN Malaysia production house has collaborated on international film productions originating from the United States, Argentina, France, and India, shooting alongside celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton, Lionel Messi, Aamir Khan, and Naomi Watts, to name a few.

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