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The Czech Republic, a unique experience

The Czech Republic has been the destination of choice for filmmakers from all around the world ever since the fall of the iron curtain. The 25-year tradition of production services and over 100 years of film history are reflected in the quality of the craftsmen and the experience of the crews.

Current Time and Date in Prague: Wednesday, 23rd August 2017, 1:45 pm

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Not sure what you can shoot in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic offers some of the most unique locations in Europe, nestled all into a small and easily accessible country. This makes it possible to shoot many motifs without having to travel long distances or even to different countries, thus saving time and money.

Let us know what you are looking for, and we will give you a selection from our database of thousands of locations covering everything from castles, clock towers, churches, historical squares, modern office buildings, city streets, hotel suites, graveyards, racetracks, underground tunnels, mountains, and even hot dog stands and anything in-between. Czech locations have doubled for the streets of NYC, Paris, London, and even Tokyo.

Prague film studios “Studio Barrandov” were built in 1933 and have been growing ever since. 10 fully equipped sound stages (not warehouses) up-to-12m high ceilings and studio space as large as 1000m2.

With accompanying facilities such as makeup and dressing rooms, comfortable talent quarters, production offices, plus an on location prop warehouse and wardrobe rental. Not to forget is a heated water tank and a 160.000m2 back lot.

And since the Czech art department has an exceptional reputation with experience on countless commercials and Hollywood feature films, a studio build/shoot is a safe bet too. Although some people claim that the Czech Republic is no longer as cheap as it was a few years ago, it still remains a perfect balance between top production value and optimized costs.

Choose the Czech Republic for your next shoot

  • Highly skilled workforce and exceptional art dept. with over 100 years of history
  • Political stability and safe environment
  • A vast range of location settings
  • 12-hour work days (standard hours of day light all year long)
  • Very reasonable overtime rates
  • Very competitive rates for crews, artists & extras, including buyouts
  • Well-equipped facilities with up-to-date gear
  • Anything we do not have, we can easily get from surrounding countries like Germany and Austria
  • Our cast selects are not limited to local Slavic look.

When you add all this up, why would you want to shoot anywhere else?

The Team

Jirka Ptacek