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Greece offers exceptional locations that are far beyond from what most expect from Greece

Greece is an ideal shooting environment featuring exciting locations, great weather, frequent and convenient flights plus some of the lowest rates in the Euro zone. We have worked hard to establish a system that understands the needs of international film productions and provides top English-speaking artistic and technical staff.

Current Time and Date in Athens: Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 7:36 am

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Greece offers exceptional location options which are far beyond from what some might expect. Yes, there are plenty of sandy beaches with white and blue villages by the sea; but you can also shoot a generic European-looking city in Greece with modern apartments, trendy shops, or cafés. And then there are the unexpected locations like desert sands, lunar landscapes, medieval castles, and even a cowboy ranch.  To fill such a wide array of settings we offer access to a location library of more than 200,000 photos spanning 2,500 locations from all over Greece.

Beyond the pretty pictures, we share our production know-how shooting on the Greek Islands for you to consider the typical Italian architecture of Corfu, the black sand beaches and spectacular views of Santorini, and the European paradise that is Mykonos.

Monasteries nestled atop monolithic rock formations are to be found on the mainland in Meteora. A new airport in Athens and 3-billion-euros worth of Olympic sport installations showcase modern Greece.

Casting wise, Greece is really a multi-ethnic country. Asians, blacks, Arabs, Hindis, and blondes are easy to find. We maintain the biggest casting database in Greece, with more than 18,000 people (actors, characters, performers, street faces, extras, kids, musicians, presenters, etc). And most all Greek actors speak good to excellent English.

All this under 9- to 14-hour sunlight and a Mediterranean climate with minimal rainfall in a country where mainland production costs are amongst the lowest in the Euro-zone.

During the last 20 years we have provided full-production service to more than 70 production companies in 25 countries. From Stink, Somesuch & Co., Academy Films in the UK, Biscuit, Park Pictures, and Rogue Films in USA to a host of others from nearby Italy, France, and Germany, as well as further afield in Japan, China, and Australia. We’re honored to have worked on a 2017 Emmy Award winning CNN campaign as well as memorable others for Apple, Nissan, Esso, T-Mobile, Kraft, HSBC, Johnnie Walker, and Visa, to name a few.

We also feel fortunate to have worked with some great professionals along the way, from EPs like Lance O’Connor to production designers like Richard Bridgland; directors such as Christopher Riggert, Bob Harlow, Klaus Obermeyer, Nick Gordon, Jeff Low, Alison Maclean; DoPs like Benoit Soler, Johan Palm, Thimios Bakatakis, Tico Poulakakis, Christos Voudouris; and producers including Sally Llewellyn, Rob Leonard, Dougal Meese, James Waters, and Cody Ryder.

Our company also draws from a roster of 30 international and Greek directors to produce more than 40 quality commercials per year for clients like Audi, Coca-Cola, and Deutsche Telecom (Cosmote).

Our reputation at home has spread to earn us work in the Gulf & Middle East markets for clients like Samsung, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Bank of Jordan, Orange, and more with requisites of suitable locations and specialized Arabic casting. Our experience working with overseas services keeps us extra sharp at delivering on the expectations of foreign producers and directors working with us in Greece.

Besides TV commercials, we service TV shows like The Amazing Race – for US and China broadcasters – as well as feature films. Production incentives initiated in 2018 promise a boon for long-format scripted content, documentaries, animation, and video games.

Our international connections with top artists have positioned us as specialists in beauty & hair commercials, utilizing special mock-ups, constructions, high-speed strobe shooting, and motion-controlled rigs and cameras for clients such as  L’Oreal or Vichy.

And once your shoot is a wrap, we can also provide in-house post-production for digital compositions, editing, and sound design while you take a few days to enjoy the Greek lifestyle.

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