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The world in one country!

New Zealand has an incredible range of locations within a very small country, about the size of the United Kingdom or Japan. The proximity of these diverse locations means you can shoot a vast variety in a tight time frame.

Snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, and beaches. Farmland to forests, lakes, and rivers. New Zealand is also a car commercial paradise, and here at PSN NZ we've shot more than our fair share. Stunning rural and city backdrops and even a winter car testing track on top of a mountain.

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There's an added bonus for clients from the Northern Hemisphere with reverse seasonality. Summer runs from December to March, with long daylight hours and world-famous light. Winter scenes with snow on the mountains can be shot between June and September; sometimes even October.

We are not just a location destination. Our creative talent and highly skilled and flexible crews are another reason to shoot here. We also have the equipment you would expect from the country where Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Pete's Dragon were shot.

And because we are a multicultural country, there's a diversity of talent in front of camera...Caucasian, Maori / Polynesian, and Asian.

It's a safe country with no corruption. English is spoken by everyone. Location permissions are quick and easy.

With so many reasons to shoot in New Zealand, it’s no surprise we’ve had the privilege of working with directors like Tony Kaye, Jake Scott, Carl Rinsch, Bruce St. Clair, Steve Ayson, Reynald Gresset, Pep Bosch, Sam Brown, Laszlo Kadar, and Pleix.

We’ve also been most pleased to service DOPs like Andrew Lesnie, Trent Opaloch, Alex Barber, Ekkehart Pollack, Antonio Paladino, Reed Morano, and Ottar Gudnason.

While we focus mainly on commercials, stills, and related content production, New Zealand does have very competitive incentives for feature films and TV shows that we can access for our clients.

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