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Red Bull | ATF 60

Produced by Malgenio Films of Barcelona for The World of Red Bull campaign, this film features one of the region’s top race drivers and Red Bull ambassador Abdulaziz Turki Al Faisal. The challenge here was high-speed tracking shots and stunning action car photography. We rigged a flight head to a tuned Subaru Impreza rally car so we could keep up with the Porsche GT. Filmed at Dubai Autodrome over two days, this commercial is a testament to the quality of the car gripping teams available in Dubai, top drawer and the equal of any in the world. Same key grip and team have just done The Fast and Furious 7 in Abu Dhabi.

Client: Red Bull - Title: ATF 60 - Director: Alberto Blanco - DoP: Alberto Borque - Production Company: Malgenio Films - Producer: Bernat Manzano - Production Service: Boomtown Productions - Location: Dubai Autodrome, UAE

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