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Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe. Historically and geographically it is “a place where East meets West”. Its heritage is complex and shaped by a fascinating diversity of cultures, traditions, esthetics, and constant changes – all part of what makes Poland appealing and inspiring for many artists.

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From the Baltic sea to the tops of the Tatra Mountains you’ll find a variety of landscapes – colorful fields, the beautiful Mazurian Lakes, charming towns, the industrial atmosphere of Lodz, Warsaw, the mysterious Table Mountains, and the snowy lands of Zakopane. Just take a look at the photographs of our locations to understand why so many filmmakers are choosing Poland for their productions. Poland has it all.

Of course, successful film production depends not only on the natural beauty of the country’s locations but, above all, on high professional standards of production services. So if you’re looking for a solid, experienced partner, you’re in the right place.

We tend to say that unexpected situations may happen in our movies but never on our set – our efficiency, procedure optimization, and tip-top organization have positioned us among the most experienced production houses in Poland. During our years in the market we’ve worked for some of the biggest worldwide companies, creating ads for well-known and popular brands in global markets. We’re a licensed Production Partner of Procter & Gamble for Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa. We’re also honored to have provided local production service to producers at top-tier companies and work alongside A-list directors.

Everything is possible when you work with the best – and we’ll gladly introduce you to our friends: talented animators, 3D artists, set-designers, costume artists, and location scouts.

Of course, we can’t forget hair stylists and make-up artists. We specialized in beauty. For more than a decade we’ve garnered credits for complex, multi-celebrity, multiple set-design shooting of beauty-hair ads.

Our experience is delivered with Poland’s reputation for competitively priced and timesaving productions. And don’t worry – Polish hospitality is still our national pride so you can count on a wonderful time with delicious food like traditional Polish meat and cider.

Shoot first. Shots later.

Send us an email, and let’s chat soon about your next shoot!

PSN Poland delivers experience working with

  • Production houses like MJZ, Sonny, Knucklehead, HunkyDory, Partizan, Onirim, Ep-Films, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Tokyo, Henry Paris, Bandits, Joyrider, Anonymous Content LA, Merman, Acne Sweden, Fresh Film Productions, White Films Paris...
  • Directors like Tim Kuntz, Fredrik Bond, Perlorian Brothers, Nicole Ackermann, Georgi Banks-Davies, Charles Mehling, Mike Maguire, Matt Smukler, The Hudson Dusters, Augustus Punch, Bart Timmer, Jack Cole, Augusto Gimenez Zapiola, Randy Krallman, Juan Cabral, Patricio Schmidt, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Zack Snyder, Darren Aronofsky...
  • DOPs like Monika Lenczewska, Daniel Bronks, Cezary Zacharewicz, Pascal Walder, Tom Townend, Tim Maurice Jones, Simon Chaudoir, Niels Johansen, Magnus Joenck, Benoit Delhomme, Ben Todd...

Poland is also home to

  • Directors like Roman Polanski...
  • DOPs like Slawomir Idziak, Janusz Kaminski, Monika Lenczewska, Piotr Sobocinski, Lukasz Zal, Pawel Edelman...

Julia Bidakowska-Andren

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As EP and co-owner of the PSN Poland Partner company, Julia has had a busy career. From PA work back in 1999 she soon jumped into a producer role for big projects shot in Poland with international clients…

[cont.] as well as productions for the local market shot across Europe and as far as New Zealand, Cuba, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Julia began managing all Procter & Gamble projects as well as international production service work in 2005. Those projects have included work with celebrities on set.

Julia is a happy mother who loves new challenges at work. She handles stressful situations as easily as she speaks 4 languages fluently – Polish, English, French, and Swedish, the language she learned as a child growing up in Sweden.

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Gosia Zatorska Trojanowska

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02-738 Warsaw, Poland
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